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Wendy is a recurring character in the Gossip Girl revival. She is portrayed by Megan Ferguson.

She works as the school administrator and is part in the clique of teachers that revives the Gossip Girl account out of fear of their teen students.


Television Series[]

Season One[]

In Just Another Girl on the MTA, Wendy returns to Constance Billard St. Jude's School for her first day back as a teacher for the school year. She quickly becomes enthralled in the drama surrounding the students and teachers at the school, lending a helping hand to newcomer Kate Keller, the new English teacher. She is eager to help them build the new Gossip Girl account, and helps craft the blasts and ensure the blasts sound similar to its predecessors. She doesn't question their motives and instead is entertained by the events unfolding.


Wendy presents herself as a shy and untimidating woman without a backbone. She often gives into the pressures from the students and lives in a state of fear and repression because of them. She was skeptical about reactiviating Gossip Girl with Kate and Jordan, though any worries she had were quickly overcome by intrepid desire for power. She stayed rather tame in her posts, thoughs she struggled at first with the pressures of matching GG's iconic tone. She enjoys secrets, gossip, and spying on the students that once made her life difficult. Despite her quiet manipulations, Wendy is often overtaken by stronger personalities and is easily swayed due to her weakened sense of self. While she has the confidence to wear bold clothing, she can't speak up for herself against larger personalities. She only stood up to Kate with the help of Jordan, and later sided with the rest of the teachers to excommunicate Kate from GG altogether. At this point, the power of the account fuels Wendy as she doesn't care about the truth or punishing the students for their privilege, only about spreading gossip to further her amusement or power.

Physical Appearance[]

Wendy is a short woman with an unintimidating demeanor. She has bushy, curly hair, and wears long sweaters with a vest over them. She wears large broaches over her top buttoned-up shirt. She has clear blue eyes, a slim physique, and wears red lipstick.

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