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Wallace Michael Shawn (born November 12, 1943) is an American actor, voice actor, playwright, essayist and comedian. His film roles have included those of Wally Shawn in the Louis Malle-directed comedy-drama My Dinner with Andre (1981), Vizzini in The Princess Bride (1987), Ezra in The Haunted Mansion, providing the voice of Rex in the Toy Story franchise, providing the voice of Gilbert Huph in The Incredibles (2004), and providing the voice of Calico in Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore (2010). He also starred in a variety of television series, including Gossip Girl and recurring appearances as Grand Nagus Zek in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993–99). His most notable post GG work is Young Sheldon.

His plays include The Designated MournerAunt Dan and Lemon and Grasses of a Thousand Colors. He also co-wrote the screenplay for My Dinner with Andre with Andre Gregory, and he scripted Vanya on 42nd Street, a film adaptation of Anton Chekov's play Uncle Vanya. His book Essays was published in 2009 by Haymarket Books. His latest film from June 2014 was A Master Builder based on the play by Henrik Ibsen.


Shawn was born on November 12, 1943 in New York City, to William Shawn (1907-1992), the long-time editor of The New Yorker, and journalist Cecille Shawn (née Lyon) (1906-2005); his brother, Allen, is a composer. Shawn attended The Putney School, a private liberal arts high school in Putney, Vermont, and graduated with an A.B. in history from Harvard College. He studied philosophy, politics and economics, as well as Latin, at Magdalen College, Oxford, originally intending to become a diplomat. He also traveled to India as an English teacher, on a Fulbrightprogram. He then taught Latin in Manhattan but, since 1979, has made a living primarily as an actor.

Acting Career[]

Shawn's involvement with theater began in 1970 when he met Andre Gregory, who has since directed several of his plays. As a stage actor, he has appeared mostly in his own plays and other projects with Gregory. He made his film debut in 1979, playing Diane Keaton's former husband in Woody Allen's Manhattan and an insurance agent in Bob Fosse's All That Jazz. His best-known film roles include Earl in Strange Invaders (1983) and Mr. Hall in Clueless (1995). After seeing his performance in My Dinner With Andre (1981), casting director Janet Hirshenson was so fond of his delivery of the word "inconceivable" that she cast him as Vizzini in The Princess Bride (1987). Other roles include Baron Von Westphalen in Southland Tales, on Gossip Girl as Cyrus Rose, and in The Haunted Mansion (2003) as Ezra.

His rare non-comedic film roles include two collaborations with Andre Gregory and Louis Malle: the semiautobiographical dialogue My Dinner with Andre, and a combined production-and-backstage-drama of Uncle Vanya titled Vanya on 42nd Street. Shawn quite often appears on television, where he has appeared in many genres and series. He has had recurring roles as the Grand Nagus Zek in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Stuart Best in Murphy Brown, Jeff Engels in The Cosby Show, Dr. Howard Stiles in Crossing Jordan, Arnie Ross in Taxi, and a reprisal of his role as Mr. Hall in Clueless (based on the film). He appeared in the 1985 music video for Chaka Khan's "This is My Night". On February 4, 2010, Shawn appeared as Alan Rubin in The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. He appeared in Vegas Vacation (1997) as Marty. Shawn's latest film opened in his birthplace in New York in June 2014 titled A Master Builder.

Shawn was honored in 2005 with the PEN/Laura Pels International Foundation for Theater Award as a Master American Dramatist.

Shawn is also a voice actor for animated films and television series, including Rex in the Toy Story franchise, Mr. Gilbert Huph in The Incredibles, Principal Mazur in A Goofy Movie, Bertram in Family Guy, Munk in Happily N'Ever After, and as a caricature of himself in BoJack Horseman.

In The Fox and the Hound, he was originally going to voice Boomer, but dropped out and was replaced by Paul Winchell. In Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore, Shawn replaced Jon Lovitz as the voice of Calico. Coincidentally, Lovitz and Shawn both appeared in I Could Never Be Your Woman.

Writing Career[]

Shawn's early plays, such as Marie and Bruce (1978), portrayed emotional and sexual conflicts in an absurdist style, with language that was both lyrical and violent. In a conversation with Andre Gregory, parts of which were used to create My Dinner with Andre, Shawn referred to these plays as depicting "my interior life as a raging beast." Critical response was extremely polarized: some critics hailed Shawn as a major writer, while John Simon called Marie and Bruce "garbage" and described Shawn as "one of the unsightliest actors in this city".[4] His 1977 play A Thought in Three Parts caused controversy in London when the production was investigated by a vice squad and attacked in Parliament after allegations of pornographic content.

His later plays became more overtly political, drawing parallels between the psychology of his characters and the behavior of governments and social classes. Among the best-known of these are Aunt Dan and Lemon (1985) and The Designated Mourner (1997). Shawn's political work has invited controversy, as he often presents the audience with several contradictory points of view, such as Aunt Dan and Lemon, which Shawn described as a cautionary tale against fascism. The monologue The Fever, originally created by Shawn to be performed for small audiences in apartments, describes a person who becomes sick while struggling to find a morally consistent way to live when faced with injustice, and harshly criticizes the record of the United States in supporting oppressive anti-communistregimes. In 1997, Shawn discussed the political nature of Aunt Dan and LemonThe Fever and The Designated Mourner in an interview. In this interview Shawn talked extensively with Patrick Mcgrath about the thematic developments between the three plays, as well as his own views on Marxist, communist and socialistpolitics, their relevance to American liberalism, and how government and individual responsibilities for finding solutions to the dichotomy between rich and poor in the world take hold in the characters presented in his plays. Shawn's four plays have been adapted into films: The Designated Mourner (basically a film version of David Hare's stage production), Marie and BruceMy Dinner with Andre and The Fever. Oscar winner Vanessa Redgrave stars in The Fever (2004), which first aired on HBO on June 13, 2007.

Shawn has also written political commentary for The Nation, and in 2004 he published the one-issue-only progressive political magazine Final Edition, which features interviews with and articles by Jonathan Schell, Noam Chomsky, Mark Strand and Deborah Eisenberg. Shawn is credited as translator of Bertolt Brecht's The Threepenny Opera, which opened at Studio 54 in Manhattan on March 25, 2006. He appears briefly in voice-over during "Song about the Futility of Human Endeavor". He published his first nonfiction work, Essays, on September 1, 2009. It is a collection of essays that expresses his perceptions of politics and other subjects that reflect an aspect of his life.

Personal Life[]

In June 2013, Shawn and numerous other celebrities appeared in a video showing support for Chelsea Manning. He has referred to himself as a socialist in an essay titled Why I Call Myself a Socialist: Is the World Really a Stage?, which was published online and later in a nonfiction collection titled Essays.

Shawn was born to Jewish parents, but now identifies as an atheist. He resides in Manhattan, New York City.[14]

Wallace Shawn also voiced his support for the Palestinian people during Israel's Operation Protective Edge, also known as the 2014 Israel–Gaza conflict.

Wallace is a member of Jewish Voice for Peace and is on the advisory board.



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Simon Eric von Dongen 1980
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My Dinner with Andre Wally Shawn 1981 Also screenwriter
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New York City Serenade Himself 2007
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Capitalism: A Love Story Himself 2009 Documentary
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Don Peyote Psychotherapist 2014
A Master Builder Halvard Solness 2014 Also screenwriter
Christmas at Cartwright's Harry Osbourne 2014
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Robo-Dog Mr. Willis 2015
Animal Crackers Mr. Woodley 2017 Voice
Book Club 2018 Filming


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Taxi Arnie Ross 1982-83 2 episodes
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Video Games[]

Title Role Year(s)
Toy Story: The Video Game Rex 1996
Toy Story Activity Center Rex 1996
The Incredibles: The Video Game Gilbert Huph 2004
Family Guy Video Game! Bertram 2006
The Princess Bride Game Vizzini 2008
Toy Story 3: The Video Game Rex 2010
Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse Bertram 2012
King's Quest Manny / Manannan 2016


Production Year(s) Notes
Four Meals in May 1967
The Family Play 1970
The Hotel Play 1970
The Hospital Play 1971
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A Thought in Three Parts 1976
Marie and Bruce 1978
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The Fever 1990
The Designated Mourner 1997 Film directed by David Hare, 1998
The Threepenny Opera 2006
Grasses of a Thousand Colors 2008
Evening at the Talk House 2015


Show Year Notes
Charlie Rose 1995 1 episode
Showbiz Today 1995 1 episode
As You Wish: The Story of The Princess Bride 2001
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Now 2005 2 episodes
Clueless: The Class of '95 2005
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USIDent TV: Surveilling the Southland 2008
The Windmill Movie 2008
Capitalism: A Love Story 2009
Made in Hollywood 2009 1 episode
MindFlux 2010
Up with Chris Hayes 2012 1 episode
BoJack Horseman 2014 1 episode

Written Works[]

Title Year Notes
My Dinner with Andre 1981
The Designated Mourner 1997 Play

Written by

Marie and Bruce 2004 Screenplay
The Fever 2004 Play


Essays 2009 Book collection of essays, by Haymarket Books
Tea Time 2010 Short


Evening at the Talk House 2015 Play

Written by