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Vanya is the doorman of the van der Woodsen's apartment building and the husband of Dorota Kishlovsky. He is portrayed by Aaron Schwartz.

Television Series[]

Season Two[]

Vanya first appears in Remains of the J when he tries to keep out party crashers who want entry to the birthday party Serena van der Woodsen is throwing for Jenny Humphrey.

Season Three[]

After Georgina Sparks crashes Lily van der Woodsen and Rufus Humphrey's wedding, Blair and Dorota have Vanya pretend to be a Belgian prince to have Georgina sent to Russia (Rufus Getting Married). In How to Succeed in Bassness, Lily hires him to bring two kids repeatedly to their penthouse dressed in different costumes so Rufus could hand out candy to trick or treaters. On Thanksgiving, he is concerned when he cannot get ahold of Dorota. After dinner, she reveals to him that she is pregnant (The Treasure of Serena Madre). In Inglourious Bassterds, he goes to the Waldorf building and proposes to Dorota in the lobby, which she happily accepts

In The Unblairable Lightness of Being, Dorota learns her parents are coming to America and don't know she is unwed and pregnant. After seeing her worry that her parents might force her to return to Poland, Chuck Bass offers to throw her and Vanya a wedding. Along with Blair, Eleanor, Cyrus, and the VDW's, Dorota and Vanya are married in a traditional Polish/Russian ceremony before her parents arrive. In the season finale Last Tango, Then Paris, Dorota and Vanya's daughter, Anastasia is born, and Cyrus and Eleanor are named her godparents.

Season Five[]

In the season premiere Yes, Then Zero, Dorota reveals that she and Vanya are expecting their second child. Their son, Leo, is born during the second half of the season but the episode is unspecified.

Season Six[]

Vanya makes his last appearance in the premiere Gone Maybe Gone, when he informs Lily and Bart Bass that he hasn't seen Serena all summer.


  • He reads books to make Dorota happy.
  • He and Dorota are liberals who hate Ann Coulter.
  • He enjoys talking about music with Rufus and listening to his guitar riffs.
  • He can't be bribed.