Get ready, Upper East Siders! The most dramatic teen drama ever made may be coming back to your screen. And I don't mean in a Netflix marathon. With so many old shows being rebooted, some of us have to sit back and think that our favourite shows will never come back to life. Shows such as Friends, The Office, etc. have been confirmed that a reboot would just never work and while I definitely agree, some shows definitely would. Well, lucky for us, a Gossip Girl reboot is currently in the works!
-- Courtney Lundy, Narcity

Hello, hello Upper East Siders! Today, a gift was bestowed upon us by the television gods (aka The CW television execs) to announce that a Gossip Girl reboot is in discussion! That's right, we might be able to get to see our beloved Manhattanites again.

The question is: does this mean they're rebooting the entire show and recasting its characters? There's definitely some controversy going around if that's true. However, it's also an option that the show will focus on Blair/Chuck, Serena/Dan's kids and their lives on the Upper East Side.

Either way, it's happening and we're totally here for it!
What do you think about the reboot, and what type of revival do you think they'll go with?

xoxo Audrey

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Update: The revival series is set to premiere in 2021, on HBO Max! Read more about it here.
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