Unforgettable is the fourth book in the The It Girl novels by Cecily von Ziegesar. The series is ghostwritten from the original idea by von Ziegesar. The series, aimed toward young adults, is a spin-off from the bestselling Gossip Girl (books) series.

After discovering that Easy took Callie out in diner with his father, Jenny is confused and sure that they'll break up. She and Callie made a pact about not letting Easy get in between them, so they can finally be friends. Later Easy will have a normal no hate discussion with Brandon, and will make his choice between Jenny and Callie. Brandon is going out with Elizabeth, that he likes a lot, but she doesn't like to feel stuck as someone 's girlfriend. They'll later stop seeing each other, when he'll see her making out with Brian Atherton. Tinsley is still making out with Julian, but it looks like he's starting to like Jenny, who tries to get over Easy with him.Easy chooses Callie, but she rejects him because he didn't break up with Jenny so they can get back together. Brett is mad after Jeremiah for sleeping with Elizabeth, the girl from St-Lucius and she befriends Kara, who Heath is attracted too. They start a club Woman of Waverly Club, where they share a tiny kiss, that'll make them start making out which Heath finds out, but promise he won't tell anyone. Brett sees Jeremiah again, and they decide to put everything behind them, even if heard rumors about her and Kara. Easy and Callie are back together, and finally have sex, but later Jenny sees them together and gets really mad at Callie. Jenny shares a kiss with Julian, but Tinsley sees them and gets mad. A fire starts in the barn (where Easy and Callie were), and Dean Marymount, the director, promises that the mystery will be solved. Tinsley and Callie decide to come up with a plan to get Jenny out of Waverly for good.

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