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The New York Spectator (also known as The Spectator) is a daily newspaper published in New York City, currently owned by Nate Archibald, who also serves as the paper's editor-in-chief. It was through The Spectator that the true identity of the anonymous blogger Gossip Girl was revealed, and, by the five-year time jump, The Spectator has seemingly become a major news provider.


Season 5Edit

In an attempt to compete with Gossip Girl, Diana hired Serena van der Woodsen to author a column in The Spectator entitled, "S by S," which was to detail the actual happenings of her life. However, on the day the newspaper was to go online, Gossip Girl shut the site down and subsequently sent out a blast saying that there was no room for competition.

Once the rebooted Spectator was able to get its feet off the ground, William replaced Diana with Nate as editor-in-chief. For a time, the paper was backed financially by Nate's grandfather, but when the two's relationship went south, William withdrew his support and Nate was left with the struggling paper. With the help of Diana, Nate was able to gain the necessary financial support he needed to keep The Spectator afloat.

Season 6Edit

In the sixth and final season, The New York Spectator is struggling against its competitors. Desperate for a story that could serve as the paper's big break, Nate contacts Dan Humphrey, who has been struggling to find a publisher for his autobiography and exposé of the Upper East Siders, Inside Out, about publishing the work in The Spectator. Originally against the idea, Dan eventually relents and goes about publishing individual chapters in the newspaper. By the end of the season, Dan reveals through The Spectator that he has been behind Gossip Girl the entire time.

In the five-year time jump, The New York Spectator has become a major newspaper in New York City. Nate Archibald still owns and operates the paper and has begun a frontrunner in the upcoming 2017 mayoral election.

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