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Team Brooklyn is the name given to the team of non-Upper East Siders, among them Brooklynites and Upper West Siders, who attempted (and almost succeeded) in bringing down Serena van der Woodsen in the fourth season of Gossip Girl. They disbanded because Jenny and Vanessa thought they had driven Serena to attempted suicide; when in fact their fellow team member Juliet had drugged her and set her up.

Members and their motives

  • Juliet Sharp, the leader of the group, was angry due to her rejection by the Upper East Siders. On top of being dumped by Nate Archibald, Juliet had lost all the friends and contacts she had made in Manhattan. Realizing upon her conversation with Vanessa that they both had their reasons for Serena's downfall, Juliet established Team Brooklyn as a means of doing just that, as she possessed the secrets and information necessary in bring Serena down.
  • Vanessa Abrams, a longtime opponent to Serena, had never been included in the elitist circle of the Upper East Siders. She had been played by Nate, laughed at and humiliated by Blair Waldorf, and watched as her best friend was trampled on by the Upper East Siders. Teaming up with Juliet, Vanessa contacted Dan's sister, Jenny, in hopes that she too would aid in the quest to bring about Serena's downfall.
  • Jenny Humphrey, the younger sister to Dan Humphrey, possessed personal vendettas against both Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen. Banished from the Upper East Side by Blair, Jenny had lost Nate to Serena and watched as her brother did anything and everything for Serena. With the creation of Team Brooklyn, she was more than happy to help old friend Vanessa and new ally Juliet in taking down her old enemies.
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