Socialites are people (often women) who come from upper class, wealthy, or aristocratic backgrounds who are well known and possess a high ranking in society.


Socialites usually attend parties very often, and are known for spending hundreds of thousands on appearances (fashion, jewelry, cosmetics, etc). Often times they garner lots of media attention and are reported on by tabloids and gossip television/websites (for example, Lily van der Woodsen's arrest in The Kids Stay in the Picture appeared on TMZ).

In Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl is famous for it's portrayal of Manhattan socialites and the level of scandal, wealth, and couture that surrounds the lifestyle. Often times, the main characters are reported on by numerous tabloids (Page Six, TMZ, The NY Post, etc) and according to Chuck Bass, $10,000 to Blair Waldorf and girls like her is "a pair of Manolos and a Chanel bag."

Socialites in Gossip Girl

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