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Roy Sachs is a recurring character in the Gossip Girl revival. He is portrayed by John Benjamin Hickey.

Roy is the homosexual parent of Max Wolfe, who works as a landscaper.


Television Series[]

Season One[]

Appearance and Style[]

Roy is a tall man standing at 6'0" weighing roughly 179lb.[2] He has thinning grey hair and brown eyes.


Roy is very attached to his work and cares for the family he has created, but displays a strong sense of cowardice. Instead of being honest with his husband about his complex feelings over Gideon's femininity, Roy chose to hide his feelings and display them in passive-aggressive clothing suggestions or comments. He was too afraid to talk with Gideon over the issue and had affairs to find what was missing in his marriage. When his lies were outed by his son Max, Roy turned on Max and blamed him for telling Gideon as opposed to coming to him first. He refused to take responsibility for his part in the affairs.

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  1. Roy is 55 in "Lies Wide Shut"
  2. As seen in "Lies Wide Shut"