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Pippa Sykes is a guest character in the Gossip Girl revival. She is portrayed by Ella Rubin.

A brilliant student from a rival school, Pippa strives to be a social media influencer, but is overshadowed by the more popular Julien Calloway. Pippa and her best friend Bianca diabolically plot to steal the spotlight from Julien.


Television Series[]

Season One[]

In "Hope Sinks", Pippa and Bianca witness a student being bullied at school but laugh at the kids misfortune. When the kid is shoved his backpack lands and a gun slides across the floor. That morning, the girls post a story on Pippa's Instagram to broadcast their traumatic experience. Pippa's entire life flashed before her eyes - all sixteen years of it. Bianca interjects that she didn't wake up thinking she would be a hero, but after she screamed everyone ran. Pippa nods in agreement as everyone should love one another as life is precious. At Constance, Julien Calloway, Monet de Haan, Luna La, Audrey Hope, Zoya Lott, and Obie Bergmann IV watch the story with mixed reactions. Monet is annoyed that the girls are sharing their story as they'll get the sympathy vote from the judges at this years Hulaween costume contest. At the party, Bianca and Pippa arrive dressed as Serena van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf respectively. They thought about doing something basic like famous sisters but decided a metamorphosis was best. There are no bigger New York icons then Serena and Blair. Pippa corrects that Bianca means Blair and Serena. They are best frenemies forever. The girls pose for photographs as Twitter rages over their costumes. Julien and Zoya interject, dressed in men's suits, greeting their wives and stating they've had this group costume planned since last year. Julien explains that he is Dan Humphrey, Serena's husband, while Zoya is Chuck Bass, the husband of Blair. Bianca and Pippa quietly ask why the sisters are basic-bombing them, to which Julien states that this is sisterhood; if one them goes down they all go down together.

Luna learns that someone from the inner-circle leaked Julien and Zoya's costume idea and is shocked to learn it was Monet. Luna and Julien confront her in front of Bianca, who smirks happily at the fallout. Monet reveals that she is now managing Pippa and Bianca instead of Julien as those girls are laser-focused on their futures.


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