Philip Becker is the ex-husband of Georgina Sparks and the former stepfather of Milo Humphrey.


Not much is known about Phillip except for the fact that Georgina married him for his money and he married her because he wanted a hot wife to impress his friends and co-workers.

Television Series

Season Four

Phillip is introduced in The Wrong Goodbye as Georgina's husband at the Constance Billard-St. Jude's alumni fundraiser. He proudly shows off photos of Milo and seems happy to be his stepfather.

Season Five

Phillip next appears in G.G. when Georgina plots to ruin Blair's royal wedding to Louis Grimaldi. However, their plan ultimately doesn't work out. In Crazy Cupid Love, Phillip and Georgina discover the details of Blair and Louis' prenuptial agreement to find the best way to take them down.

In The Princess Dowry, Georgina leaves Phillip to manage the Gossip Girl site while she attends the wake of CeCe Rhodes. He receives a tip from Chuck asking him to release the proof that Dan ruined Blair's wedding and he posts it word for word, source included. However, this backfires quickly and he realizes he messed up. Despite this, Georgina mends the situation and leaves for Monaco to secure Blair her divorce, leaving Phillip in charge of Milo. In the finale The Return of the Ring, Phillip agrees to let Georgina spend the summer in Italy with Dan to help him write an exposé on the UES

Season Six

By the five-year time jump in the series finale New York, I Love You XOXO Philip and Georgina have seemingly divorced, as Georgina is seen with Jack Bass at the wedding of Dan and Serena van der Woodsen.  


  • He attended Yale University.
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