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Nicholas "Nick" Lott is a main character in the Gossip Girl revival. He is portrayed by Johnathan Fernandez.


Nick was in love with Marion, a woman who was married to famed music producer Davis Calloway. She left her husband and daughter, Julien, to be with Nick. She and Nick had a daughter themselves, Zoya, though Marion died before she had the chance to raise either of her girls. Nick was left a single father and moved Zoya to Buffalo where they became close with him having trust in her choices. However, he forbade Zoya from forming a relationship with her half-sister and refused to speak to Davis due to their complicated past.

Television Series[]

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A concerned and focused parent, Nick tries to stay involved in his daughters life as much as she'll allow him. He wants the best for her and doesn't approve of her new lifestyle since her transfer to Constance. He is initially against the idea of Zoya reconnecting with her half-sister, solely because of his hatred for Julien's father, Davis Calloway. Nick's inability to see past his emotions and to what Zoya wants fractures their relationship as she feels forced to keep secrets from him. Despite their rift, they care deeply for one another and Nick is eventually able to see where he went wrong and attempts a cordial relationship with Davis for Zoya's sake.

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