Monkey is the dog that Dan Humphrey gives to Chuck Bass to help him learn to feel again, after he becomes emotionally numb after losing Blair Waldorf.

Television Series

In The Jewel of Denial, Dan gives Monkey to Chuck to help him learn to feel again after losing Blair to Louis Grimaldi; which rendered him emotionally numb. While Chuck is disgusted by him at first, he then chooses to keep Monkey and has him neutered; as a responsible pet owner should do. When Blair tells him that she is pregnant with Louis' baby, Chuck cuddles with Monkey as he feels the pain of truly losing her.

After this, Monkey is seen in episodes after either in Chuck's Empire penthouse or walking with Chuck around New York.


  • Monkey was named after Chuck's actual pet monkey, Sweetie; which he had in the Gossip Girl novels.
  • He's friendly to Chuck's friends, namely Dan and Nate Archibald, but can be vicious at Chuck's command.
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