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Should we throw our lattes on her? Tumeric stains forever.
Monet to Luna about Zoya.

Monet de Haan is a main character in the Gossip Girl revival series. She is portrayed by Savannah Smith.

Entitled and unfiltered, bloodthirsty and bored, Monet is Julien's PR person and personal agent and enjoys ruling Constance with an iron fist. Despite being the richest girl at school, she'd go to any lengths to pick up the pieces of a quickly crumbling kingdom to secure her future.


Monet is the daughter of pharmaceutical moguls, Camille and Greyson de Haan. Her family descends from old New York money, making her one of the richest students at Constance Billard St. Jude's School, as her parents donated a wing at the school[3]. Despite her mother's job in a biotech, Monet stated that she has no desire to do the same.

Television Series

Season One

In "Just Another Girl on the MTA", Monet sits are her dining table with her two poodles perched perfectly beside her. She dismisses Julien Calloway's broach suggestion as she was already photographed wearing it, so everyone knows it. She arrives at Constance Billard St. Jude's School with her camera ready for the perfect photograph of Julien for her Instagram account. She finds the perfect lighting while Luna ensures Julien as the best makeup. As they are about to take the photo, Julien's arm clips that of a teachers, causing the teacher to spill her coffee. Julien initially apologizes until Monet and Luna descend, easily shaming the teacher for her choice in wardrobe, her financial status, and everything they can. Another teacher escorts Ms. Keller away, while Monet and Luna fuss over Julien's Capricine bag. The trio lounges whilst waiting for the rest of their friends to arrive. One-by-one they trickle in, until the seven elite are gathered; Julien Calloway, Luna La, Audrey Hope, Aki Menzies, Max Wolfe, Obie Bergmann IV, and Monet herself. Monet is dismissive of Obie's excuse to not pose for Julien's story because of his disarray. She lets it go and is remarkably quiet as the group discusses Julien and her long-lost half sister Zoya Lott, who has suddenly transferred to CBSJ. As Zoya ascends the staircase to the school, the group notices her, with Monet wanting to throw her turmeric latte on her since it stains forever.

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Spotted at the steps of the MET, our seven elite lounge while Max reminds them to come to Dumbo Hall for fashion week. Obie answers that he will be late, and reminds Aki he will join him stuffing envelopes. Max notices Zoya at the corner waiting for the light, and wonders who does that. Julien answers that the girl isn't from here. Monet remarks that a "secret sister" spolsh video would trend faster than a fall fashion fail. She forcefully crushes a plastic cup with the heel of her boot. Monet is both horrified and surprised when Julien offers to take a photo with Zoya for her account. Monet half-heartedly takes the photo but is annoyed when Julien invites Zoya to Dumbo Hall with them that evening. Julien asks her friends their thoughts and Monet, annoyed, agrees as they need someone to run errands. Inside the building between classes, Monet, Julien, and Luna pass a group of teachers. Monet whispers which one she should get fired next. Stunned, Ms. Keller swerves and demands Monet repeat what she just said. Unbothered, Monet defiantly states she wasn't talking to her - at her, though, depending on her behavior. She shrugs nonchalantly, and with a final smirk she saunters off with her friends.

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That night, Monet and Luna prepare for Dumbo Hall as they climb into an Uber they ordered for the night. They receive their first Gossip Girl notifications. At the soiree, Julien steps out of the elevator and greets Luna and Monet, the latter who immediately asks her about the post they're tagged in. The trio dismiss the account, belittling it as nothing more than someone petty. As the event unfolds, things seem to go well as Monet keeps her snide comments to a minimum despite her visible disdain for Zoya's lack of Upper East Side etiquette. Later, Monet and Luna are among the seven elite who are shocked to learn that Julien not only knew Zoya before her enrollment, but used her fathers scholarship funds to get her a secured spot. The following morning, everyone awakens to a Gossip Girl blast that labels Obie and Zoya as a couple. This causes Monet immense annoyance as she tries to get Julien to understand the full scope of the situation, and how Julien is losing followers that Zoya is gaining. Julien's approach shifts when she stands at the bottom of the stairs as everyone whispers about her. Monet urges Julien to take action. Julien hatches a plan for the fashion show that night.

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Monet and Luna go rouge and take matters into their own hands in an effort to destroy Zoya. They make a deal with Gossip Girl, with their plan taking effect the moment Zoya arrives. Monet "accidentally" bumps into Zoya, reprimands the girl for being on her phone, and takes the moment to switch out their cells. With the new phone, Monet gives it to Luna who enlists Max's help. She takes a photo of his balls and then returns the photo to Monet, who uses a Bluetooth sharing app to cast the photo to everyone. The girls feign disgust as they point out Zoya to the alarmed security guards. As the girl is being exited out, Monet snaps a picture of the sisters facing one another and sends it to Gossip Girl. Their plan is successful as they drive the sisters apart. The next school day, Monet and Luna are back to their dutiful roles as they prim and prep Julien for her day ahead. Monet even stays silent as Julien runs into Ms. Keller again, only this time, she helps clean-up and compliments her blazer. Monet scoffs at this but doesn't offer verbal assaults as she did previously.

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In "She's Having a Maybe", Monet's mother attend parent teacher night at Constance Billard St. Jude's School, so Monet and her friends attend a party at Dumbo. She arrives with Luna and Julien, though the trio is worried that Julien's social media presence is struggling now that she doesn't have Obie. Luna reminds Julien it will be like that time she accidentally took a selfie behind a homeless camp and wore a "Bernie babe" tee for a week. Julien strongly believes that if she apologizes to Obie profusely can win him back, but Monet and Luna exchange a skeptical looks even though they verbally agree. They take a photo for Julien's Instagram account while at the party, to let her followers know that they are having a girls night out. When Julien is pulled away by Audrey, Monet confides in Luna that if Julien's social media presence continues to decline, then Monet can kiss an Edelman Summer internship goodbye. She needs to get "#Jobie" - Julien and Obie - back together STAT or convince Julien to move on first. The group gathers together at the couches, with Julien still wanting Obie back. She also doesn't believe that Zoya did anything wrong, though Luna disagrees. Monet then shows Julien that Obie liked their Instagram photo so Julien excitedly asks if they can talk, but he refuses by claiming he's tired.

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However, a Gossip Girl blast that night changes everything - Zoya and Obie were spotted together outside her building. Aki tries to remind everyone that two people can hang out, even though Audrey, Luna, and Monet sharply shut the idea down. Audrey and Monet want Julien to crush her like the Queen she is, but Julien insists they don't do hierarchies. Luna chimes in that everyone already knew who was in charge. Monet decides to post a filtered photo of Julien and Obie to make it seem as though Gossip Girl isn't credible. The next morning at school, Obie and Julien breakup for good with Audrey thinking it's for the best. Monet protests that Julien is not better off without him. Luna tells Julien that Gossip Girl is on her way out but if Julien wants Obie back then Zoya has to be banished. Julien doesn't agree as that would make Obie pine after her even more, so instead of driving Zoya away from here, they'll drive Obie away from her. Luna notes that he's already seen her and is still interested, but Julien wants to uncancel GG in exchange for dirt on Little Z. This annoys Monet since GG is canceled per their doing.

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At the charity gala for the school that night, Luna and Monet press for Julien to release the Zoya gossip that she scored from GG. But Julien is sure it's a precision strike for Obie only. But when Zoya shows up alongside her dad, the night goes south with Julien's dad turning on her. Meanwhile, Monet and Luna humorously watch a drunk Kiki Hope, Audrey's mother, make a scene and cut her hand. Monet photographs the entire incident as she and Luna laugh over them. Their humor is disrupted when an emotional Julien states that she needs to get rid of Zoya for good. Luna tells her that Obie and Zoya left together, so they form an alternative plan with Gossip Girl in which they lure Davis and Nick to Zoya and Obie's location. The trio arrives at a store where Zobie are shopping happily, with Monet and Luna urging her to go in and ruin their high. Julien realizes that she never did these things with Obie, realizing that they didn't work together. Luna and Monet silently watch Zoya, Nick, Julien, and Davis square off on the sidewalk.

The next day at school, Luna and Monet are beyond thrilled to tell Julien that whatever she did to Zoya last night worked - she's withdrawing from Constance. Julien is surprised to learn it's happening at this exact moment, and Luna points Zoya and Nick out from across the hall. Julien rushes away much to Monet and Luna's disdain. Monet exclaims after her that she ordered Jello shots on a delivery app.

In "Lies Wide Shut", Luna and Monet read Gossip Girl's latest post shaming Julien for her inability to find a new love interest despite chasing many around the world. The girls warn Julien that she has to get under a new heir if she hopes to get over the old one. Julien doesn't like any of them. Luna reminds her that she doesn't have to like them - she just has to date them. That afternoon, the girls watch as Julien watches Zobie in the courtyard with a pining look. Luna scoffs at the sight with Monet knowing they've worked too hard too hard for Julien to abdicate without a fight, with Luna noting they tried every one on the Quest 400 list. Max walks by, adding his commentary that it's probably her and not her dates. Julien objects to them talking about her, declaring she's exhausted. Max, however, appraises Julien's curated look by Monet and Luna, and says she's a walking billboard, and subsequently has no depth. He offers to take Julien on a Manhattan Maxploration to find herself again. Luna and Monet insist that Julien document it, even though Audrey disagrees.

With Julien busy, Monet and Luna go out together to a bar where Monet makes out with a random girl while Luna gets drunk. The next day, Luna and Monet wait for Julien by the lockers and try not to panic when Julien admits that she forgot her phone. However, Julien refuses to let Monet post anything as she's offline for the day. When Julien flaunts off, Monet tells Luna that Zoya won't play along so they need to reinstate order as it was once - JC on top, alone. Luna coyly reveals she has intel on Little Z to truly make her history. Monet says if they won't start a war themselves, they'll start one for them. Luna whispers it to Monet's ear, pleased at the scandal. The girls smirk sinisterly at the courtyard.

In "Fire Walks With Z", Monet and Luna are displeased when Julien showcases her new effortless look, which Monet claims to be a new girls Pantene commercial. The two wait for Julien to arrive at Constance where they try to talk her out of her new approach to her influencer status, claiming that no one wants to see her without a filter or how relatable she is, however they are unsuccessful as Julien refuses and is side tracked by the food trucks parked at the school for Zoya's birthday. Monet worries that she will end up working for her mother in bio-tech and therefore the two decide to form a plan to turn Julien and Zoya against each other. Luna and Monet manipulate Zoya into thinking Julien wants her gone and then send in a tip to Gossip Girl about Zoya's living conditions, which causes Zoya to lash out on Julien. Julien confides in Luna and Monet, who manipulate her into thinking that Zoya wants to take Julien down, and encourage the idea of throwing a party to honour Julien's late mother, Marion Calloway, in order to spite Zoya.

The girls are seen sitting at the Met Steps where they plan Julien's party. Monet and Luna are seen laughing and congratulating Julien for landing Princess Nokia to perform at her party, which makes Zoya jealous. However, Julien and Zoya are told off for their petty rivalry, Julien decides to send a video of Zoya from Buffalo to Monet, in order to get rid of her for good. Monet and Luna arrive with Julien to the party where they see Zoya already flaunting and posing for cameras, in which Monet claims she spawn-conned Julien. During the party, Monet and Luna decide to set up a 'Go-Fund-Me' titles "Keep Z in NYC" in order to help Zoya to stay in New York, which catches Zoya's attentions. In return, Zoya asks Milo to attack Julien with Russian Bots, to which Monet and Luna point out that Zoya sent them in. Luna and Monet also display their disgust when they find out that the food is buffet style. Monet alerts Julien that she lost track of Zoya and asks her when she will send out her attack on Zoya. The girls meet Princess Nokia backstage where Julien is prompted to go on stage to give a speech, however, before she goes she signals Luna to prepare the video of Zoya. Luna and Monet meet Milo Sparks who questions what they have planned, to which Luna gives a slight teaser that Zoya will be exposed.

Monet and Luna play the video in front of everyone when Julien is on stage, however Luna adds a 'directors cut' which Julien is not aware of. Julien signals Monet and Luna to cut the video, however they refuse as Julien has gone to soft. Julien goes off stage and snatches the phone off Luna to stop the video from playing, which leave Monet and Luna disappointed that their scheme did not go through as planned. Monet and Luna watch Julien's apology speech in disappointment as she ruined the possibility of Zoya leaving NYC.

In "Hope Sinks",

In "Parentsite", Monet does not make an appearance.

Appearance and Style

Monet is a tall young teen that stands at 5'7" with a skinny build and prominent facial features. She has a sharp nose, high cheekbones, and striking brown eyes that she accentuates with eyeliner. She wears her long black hair in box braids that fluctuate in length .Monet is the richest girl in school, and is very decadent in her outfits. She favors old-world Chanel with a matching two-piece suit for school. She loves to match prints. For night wear, she prefers old brands such as Versace.


Monet is the resident alpha female dripping in wealth and privilege; and she knows it. If Julien Calloway was the Queen of Constance, then Monet proudly wears the title of princess. She flaunts her power to whomever looks at her and is unflinching in the face of superiors. Beyond ruling her kingdom with an iron fist, she also treats the school as a playground, with the teachers as her toys. She has no respect or regard for the faculty, and treats them as servants that can be dismissed at the stroke of her hand, whether they liked it or not. She was unbreakably loyal to Julien, whom she takes on the role of PR manager and agent. She seeks to protect her from Zoya, instantly distrusting the newcomer even though Julien didn't need it at the time. Monet is cunning, manipulative, and quick to form plans, proving she is the more dominant power than her partner-in-scheming Luna La.

However, Monet's actions to establish and restore Julien to power draws from a desperation to not follow in her parents' footsteps into their respective pharmaceutical fields. She uses Julien's influence to reap in the benefits of a socially-savvy person with connections to formulate her own career path. Unfortunately, Monet looks out for herself above others and is very sure of her future plans, willing to abandon Julien when she begins to reject Monet's social media presence for her. Instead of quitting formally, Monet chose to manipulate and embarrass Julien behind her back to make her new clients look better. Unwilling to apologize, Monet defiantly stands her ground and loses her former friends in the process.

Relationships (TV Series)


  • Camille De Haan (Mother)
  • Greyson De Haan (Father)


  • Unnamed Girl (Kissed)

Memorable Quotes

  • "Ew! Go! Don't they have their own entrance or something? I'm standing here, you see me, don't you?"
  • (To Luna about Zoya) "Should we throw our lattes on her? Turmeric stains forever."
  • (About teachers) "Which one of them should I get fired next?"
  • "It's not Russian bots, it's that regional bitch."
  • "Vulnerability is the disease of the masses."
  • (To Julien) "You were in the Imagine video."
  • (To Julien) "Cute doesn't get you on the cover of Vogue. You'd be lucky if he got you on Popsugar."

Hobbies & Skills

  • Social Media Manager: Monet is the social media expert of the group, managing the incredibly influential Instagram account of Julien Calloway. She balances a perfectly scheduled itinerary for Julien to post, filters her photos, and keeps her privy about the online feedback. She strives to be a social media manager upon graduation, with her eye on a coveted internship.
  • Scheming: Monet is known for her scheming and ability to concoct great plans at a seconds notice.


  • Monet identifies as a lesbian.[4] She is the first female character in both iterations of Gossip Girl that is openly homosexual.
  • Monet's favorite season in New York is Spring, because that is when "all the tourists leave".[5]
  • She is the richest girl at Constance Billiard.
  • She has sent Gossip Girl multiple tips regarding her friends.


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