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    Spotted Week 5 Map
    Spotted: N, alone in the cold, just frozen out by one cold heart. We thought it was pretty obvious you shouldn't mix business with pleasure, N. Will Little J and N fix their issues, or is this an affair to remember? S and D sipping coffee at Saint Ambrose's, and V also happened to walk in, and then walk right back out. Yesss. Poor V. Haven't you heard the expression "the early bird gets the worm"? B and C are officially the couple of the month on our radar, but how long will the marriage really stand? After all, we spotted C with Little Miss Ivy Dickens in the back of his limo. Making a deal? Or just two old friends catching up? Hmm.. Georgina Sparks is officially back in town, and on her arm, is the one and only Jack Bass. We're all dying to know if C's run-in with Ivy Dickens is related to the delicious news of G and Uncle Jackass. Is there more to the story, or am I just being anxious? No matter what the deal is, I can be sure that this will be one hell of a summer.
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    S by S
    I haven’t always had the best luck when it comes to relationships. I’ll be honest, I’ve fallen for a few bad guys. Okay, maybe more than a few. From polygamist artists to Southern conmen, I’ve dated some real losers over the years. However, while most of the men from my past were bad, there have also been some guys who were actually pretty good.... Read more.

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