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Marion Calloway is a mentioned character in the Gossip Girl revival, portrayed by Karena Evans who also happens to direct the first 2 episodes.

She is the late mother of Julien Calloway and Zoya Lott. She died on October 22, 2006, due to lupus, while giving birth to Zoya.


Marion was married to Davis Calloway and they lived a high-end lifestyle due to Davis's wealth. They had a daughter together, Julien, though Marion was unhappy in her life. She had an affair with a lawyer, Nick Lott, and Marion subsequently left Davis for Nick.

Marion and Nick soon became pregnant with a daughter of their own, though Marion had the autoimmune disorder lupus which put her in a high-risk pregnancy. She gave birth to their daughter, named Zoya, though Marion died after giving birth. Nick and Davis were left single parents to their daughters, but neither Davis nor Nick were keen on their daughters meeting. Marion strongly wanted her daughters to meet one another, leaving them clues in their middles names - Jane and Elizabeth. Each of her daughters grew up feeling the loss of their mother and hoping for a chance to meet someone with connections to their mother. They eventually found their way to one another through their shared loss.


Season One[]

Marion's daughters Julien and Zoya find their way back to one another through their shared connection with the loss of a mother.

Appearance and Style[]

From the singular photograph that has been seen of Marion, she had long curly black hair, a slim build, and soft features. She had brown eyes and wore a floral printed dress with a sleeveless denim vest. Zoya is said to resemblance her the most.


Marion is described as having been a kind, warm, and gentle spirit. Evidently, she strongly believed in love above all else, even willing to leave the love of a husband, an infant daughter, and secure lifestyle to lead a life with a man she loved. She became somewhat of a martyr after her death to both of her children. She loved her daughters deeply and wanted Zoya to be born more then she worried for her own health risks, showing at least some degree of selflessness.