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Lola Morgan is a recurring character in the Gossip Girl revival. She is portrayed by Elizabeth Lail.

Lola is an aspiring singer-songwriter who was dating Davis Calloway.


Television Series[]

Season One[]

In "Lies Wide Shut", Lola parties at a club when she meets Julien Calloway in the bathroom. They discuss their mutual relationship problems, as Julien was recently dumped while Lola's boyfriend refuses to be seen with her in public before eleven PM. The women form a camaraderie as Lola notes that they can't depend on a man - only themselves. She calls Julien a warrior before leaving. She meets up with her date, and much to Julien's horror, the boyfriend is her father Davis Calloway. Julien spots them from across the club and launches down a diabolical rabbit hole to find out who Lola is. She stalks her on Instagram and follows her to a round town to a secret apartment in Davis's name. She then sends Lola flowers with a ticket for a Jeremy O'Harris play that evening. When Lola arrives she surprises Davis who wasn't aware of Julien's plans. As the night unfolds, Lola learns that Davis didn't invite her because he wanted to go public, but that Julien did if for him to out his lies. She apologizes to Julien for the infraction of lying, but Julien assures Lola that it isn't her fault; it's Davis's. She recommends Lola date someone who isn't afraid to be seen with her. Julien and Davis repair their relationship the next morning, with Julien giving her stamp of approval for Lola.

In "Fire Walks With Z", an eager Lola greets Julien in the morning at the Calloway home, hoping to have an elaborate breakfast with her. She prepared pastries and assorted foods. Lola spent the night going through Julien's Instagram to figure out how she became so famous, as Lola wants to do that with her music. She had forgotten that Julien was the cute kid who interviewed rock stars. The conversation is awkward as Julien claims she needs to meet with her friends for breakfast, disappointing Lola who was hoping to spend time with her. Davis didn't know Julien had plans, but isn't surprised. Lola wishes her a good day as Davis walks her daughter out. Julien assures him that she's fine with Lola.

In "Final Cancellation", Davis broken up wth Lola.


Appearance and style[]

Lola is a pretty young woman in her thirties with straight shoulder-length blonde hair, almond-shaped blue eyes, and a slim build. She favors cheerful colors in her clothing and quaint dresses with floral prints. She likes large hoop earrings and tall boots.

Relationships (TV Series)[]



Memorable Quotes[]

Hobbies & Skills[]

  • Singing/Songwriting -


  • Elizabeth Lail and Katheryn Gallagher (Heidi Bergmann) appeared on the first season of You, where they play friends.