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Lies Wide Shut is the third episode of the first season, and the third episode overall.


While the school takes drastic measures to smoke out Gossip Girl’s identity, a blind item threatens to put an end to a Constance couple. Max pushes Julien to explore life outside her comfort zone, prompting both teens to uncover shocking family secrets. Zoya turns to an unlikely ally for help fitting in.



Davis Calloway bids his daughter Julien goodbye as he's headed to Berlin, just when she receives a Gossip Girl blast detailing her fruitless international search a rebound, as well as Zoya's apparent attempts at connecting with Obie. Monet and Luna bemoan at the embarrassing post, advising Julien the only way to get over an heir is choosing another. Julien states she didn't like any of them - L adds she doesn't have to but she has to date them. M doesn't want to admit it but men always win at this. Audrey steals Julien away to the girls' bathroom, begging her not to tell anyone what she's about to say. Julien wonders if she killed anyone, but Audrey confesses it is worse: she slept with Max, multiple times. Julien, astonished, demands clarification and why now. Audrey herself doesn't know, but it one long, highly informative night. JC asks if she's gonna tell Aki, but Audrey says it has nothing to do with him and she loves him. Until A can give him a reason why, she won't cause him any pain. Julien assures her friend-DA signed and hopes Gossip Girl doesn't find out, causing the blonde to freak out and shriek that she's a terrible person.

At the lockers, Aki states he's a terrible person. Obie doesn't believe him, even if Aki gives a theoretical situation that he made out with someone and cheated on Audrey. Upon Obie's pressing, Aki admits what he did. The brunette asks if it was a recurring thing, but Aki sternly states it was just once. Obie isn't bothered, advising him not to tell Audrey if he doesn't want to see her in pain. He says if it was a mistake, then move on and hope she does as well. Just as they enter the courtyard, Aki stops dead at the sight of Max as does Audrey. The couple wave at each other form the windows. JC notes the awkwardness but Audrey begs her to shush, as Gossip Girl could be listening. She is overheard by Kate Keller, overjoyed that her plan is working. Rima approaches just then, informing her Headmistress Burton has called an after-school meeting. Kate's sure it's unrelated but Rima isn't.

Zoya steps into school to a crowd of students mocking and laughing at her - she sees her Twitter feed is full of mean-spirited comparisons at her. Obie urges her to not be bothered by it, stating its the reason he isn't on social media. Zoya says her father would like to meet him since she seems to be serious about Obie. However, she tells him he isn't obligated to go, but Obie wants to since he also wants to take her on a date. He kisses her after saying he'll bring all his charm to her father. The sight is witnessed by Audrey and a glum Julien. They themselves are seen by a disapproving Monet and Luna. The former exclaims they worked too hard for Julien to abdicate without a fight, with Luna noting they tried every one on the Quest 400 list. Max walks by, adding his commentary that it's probably her and not her dates. Julien objects to them talking about her, declaring she's exhausted. Max, however, appraises Julien's curated look by Monet and Luna, and says she's a walking billboard, and subsequently has no depth. Julien agrees, herself feeling lost at who she used to be. Max volunteers to help her inner search, and booms out they commence a "Manhattan Maxploration" where he'll take her to places she's never been and do things she's never done, something Audrey would know by him. By tonight, Julien would remember the girl Obie used to love. Audrey, irritated he mentioned her, advices Julien to do it for herself and not to document. She is immediately reported by Monet and Luna. Seeing Zoya and Obie together, Julien relents.

Headmistress Burton gets right to the chase during the meeting - Gossip Girl, an anonymous Instagram account spying on the students. Students, whose parents generously keep the lights on here and are now threatening to cut the donations. Jordan whispers they're dead. A teacher named Linda speaks up, stating that she finds Gossip Girl surprisingly helpful, in that the students seem more mindful. Her statement is supported by Rafa Caparros. Linda's husband, Mr. Henry Schachter disagrees, thinking that Gossip Girl is a cancer and now students are on their phones more so than ever. The Headmistress follows up on him, saying there will no be a no phone rule during school hours much to Kate's annoyance. In addition, a parent has graciously provided a consultancy with two intelligence agency agents, who will conduct a swift investigation. By this time next week, Gossip Girl will be exposed and expelled.

Jordan is shocked they hired Black Cube, but Kate stresses that they don't panic. She advices them to follow and like Gossip Girl's posts like most teachers do already, so that they won't stand out. They shouldn't send any DM's. Rima recommends not to post from school but Jordan (being the computer science teacher) has put up a firewall on the Wi-Fi, remarking that they are safe. But he agrees not to post during school hours. Kate won't, but will just as school ends. Finally, he says she should post dirt on teachers to make it seem like a disgruntled student. Wendy reveals Mr. Schachter has been having an affair with Libby the Librarian. Jordan says they should make the item blind, so that more tips can be sent.

At the Wolfe residence, Max's father Roy is making chat with Max just as his other father, Gideon, makes a grand entrance. Roy remarks that Gideon's hair looks different - the latter states Serge gave him a blowout. Gideon is pleased with how he looks, though Roy looks uncomfortable. Roy asks where he's are going for the occasion, to which he is replied to a new Jeremy O. Harris play for critics. Gideon is having difficulty sitting down due to his corset but hides the fact. Max is intrigued with the gore and genitals of the performance and asks for a full-frontal seat. Gideon says he already booked an entire block for him and his friends. He asks their husband what his plans are - Roy says he's staying home to make plans for a hedge. Upon seeing Gideon's inability to grab his drink, he suggests to his partner to take off the corset for tomorrow. He receives a stiff smile from Gideon.

At the Lotts apartment, Obie is explaining to Nick his refusal to see his family's billion-dollar waterfront property besides a neighborhood being torn from systemic issues. Nick's surprised by the way Obie talks about his family, but the teen assures him his family supports him. Zoya's father notices her occupied by the phone, and asks why she isn't participating. She informs him she's trending - at least, #Zugly is, having been started by Luna La to Julien's fans. Obie apologizes for the toxicity, but Nick orders them to put away the phones and discuss he's enjoying getting to know Obie. The boy asks him if it's enough to get his permission to ask Zoya for a date, but the man says it's closer but not yet.

At Audrey's, the girl is in the midst of an orgasmic moment riding Aki. He notices her discomfort and asks why - she answers she isn't into eye contact right now. She leans down to kiss him, and trails down his chest to blow him. Having gone a bit too down beyond the jewels, Aki shutters in shock. Audrey apologies for having overshot, and tries to continue but Aki is too surprised. He asks for a moment to grab his breath and recoup.

Elsewhere, Max is recording Julien's proper introduction as an eligible bachelorette in the nightlife. Drunk, she excitedly announces her status update of being pictured in her underwear on the Daily Mail. A server offers him a tray of drugs - he politely declines but points it in the direction of Julien. She dares to sniff it twice - its coke with ketamine.

Zoya sneaks into her bathroom to read more of the mean tweets. Angered, she decides to call Luna. The latter is wasted at a different bar. Picking up her hope gingerly, she asks Monet if the ringing is an AMBER alert. Monet, too busy kissing a girl, states someone is calling her. Zoya states who she is to Luna's initial answer of not knowing her - but admits she started the hashtag. Zoya demands she stop it. In so many words, Luna surprisingly volunteers her style tastes and knowledge to transform Zoya so that no person could call her "zugly" again. Zoya doesn't want to become an inauthentic version of herself, but Luna replies when she's done with her she won't know the difference. Being on Obie's arm puts her on the spotlight - she's either in the glare or in the glow. Before Zoya can accept, Luna hands up. Picking up her drink, she tells Monet that they won't go down with Julien and might as well accept the new world order.

Audrey and Aki have now finished, the former remarking it was good to experiment. They kiss and big each other goodnight. However, they are awakened by the latest Gossip Girl blast, who reveals one half of a power Constance couple strayed with someone close to the inner circle. They assure one another they aren't reading the blast.

In the bathroom, Julien's catsuit is complimented by a similarly drunk blonde named Lola, and after informing her she was cast aside, Lola says whoever she was with didn't deserve her. In the stall, Lola is told Julien's drama with her boyfriend having dumped her for her half-sister and her determination to get over him. Lola calls her a warrior, and thinks she should be one. The woman tells Julien her dilemma - that her boyfriend still won't go public with her after a year. "Moral of the story, you can't rely on any man," Lola affirms before leaving. Julien rushes over to Max whose cruising on a gay dating app. At the same time, they make a shocking discovery - Max finds his father, Roy, on the app posing as a single man while Julien sees Lola cuddling up with her father, Davis.

At school, Wendy ushers her peers hurriedly through the halls before stopping at a discreet corner, informing them something has happened that's made teachers being called in for private interviews. The teachers are afraid that their high-ups know things and are sure this is a crusade. They agree they need a scrapegoat for Burton to be sure GG goes away, a fall guy. Rafa passes by, and Wendy considers a fall gay, given that he knows their secrets. Kate thinks he's too big a fish to fry and suggests another.

Julien, suffering through a hangover, accidentally runs into Obie, who notices her rough appearance. She, however, is glad she bumped into him because she needs someone she trusts to confide in something. Obie is all ears until he sets his eyes on Zoya on her phone. Julien follows his eyes, and suddenly reminds herself better. Obie awkwardly says he shouldn't, but did anyway as Julien bitterly adds. They awkwardly part. Obie runs to Zoya, whose upset at the latest round of mockery she received but Obie tells her to ignore it, for he has tickets for Jeremy O. Harris' new play now that Nick allowed Obie to ask Zoya on a date. While he talks, Zoya meets Luna's stare, who beckons her to come. Obie turns to see Luna walk away, and promptly excuses herself to run to her.

Aki confronts a similarly hungover Max, demanding if he informed Gossip Girl. The brunet slurs his friend to calm down, informing him Constance is filled with side pieces like him. Audrey eagerly walks up behind him, and Aki awkwardly says he was talking about how delicious she looks. She asks him to get a contraband straw, and when he is out of site she whisper-screams at Max. The latter complains "Not this again." Audrey asks him to clarify but Max bemoans that everyone is on his case, and tells her that if she didn't want it out then she shouldn't have done it. He leaves as Aki comes back.

Both bespeckled with sunglasses, Max asks if Julien found anything on the sins of their fathers. Julien says she searched her house everywhere but couldn't find anything, confirming that he's hiding a girlfriend. Julien wonder why, having found her Insta as singer-songwriter Lola Morgan. Julien is determined to find the reason why, and asks about Max's dad. He responds he tried prodding Gideon for answers, revealing they've never opened so his Pops, Roy, shouldn't be on there, newly single. Julien suggests he leave it alone but Max retorts she does the same with Davis.

In the library, Luna reads off a nasty article piece about Zoya to her face much to the latter's exasperation. Luna asks when she's going to get it - in the eyes of the press, Zoya is an uncultured nobody whose on the arms of the prince of New York. She presses the idea Zoya needs to curate her image meticulously, and follow only her rules unless she wishes to be banned. Zoya relents, stating she's going to an opening with Obie tonight. Luna declares they must start.

Sitting her down, Luna lists off her rules. One, she mustn't talk in public. Two, never stare directly at anything. To help, wear contacts, even if they aren't needed as to look like you're smizing. Three, never sweat. Luna surprisingly holds up a syringe. Zoya exclaims she's fourteen and can't have Botox. Luna scoffs and gives her a pad instead for under her arms. Four, know your side, your good side to be exact. Thus begin a trial and tribulation of good smiles, good kissy lips and good walking. And finally, five tents to live and die in public: Never eat, cry, PDA, MTA, or wear flats - or trust your doorman. Zoya asks where she's supposed to eat, being answered at home with the blinds drawn. Zoya babbles up her home situation but is stopped by Luna - she's a client, not a colleague. She then orders her to show her what's in her bag.

Max grabs Aki in a one-arm hug, worrying his friend about being seen by Gossip Girl. Max tells him Gossip Girl might be see more only if he'll help him, on a cat-fishing expedition. He wants Aki to create a fake Scruff profile to talk with his dad. Aki is incredulous, demanding why Max can't do it. However, he doesn't want to sext his father, not he wants Aki to do it - as Rafa. "Clone his profile and get chatty," Max instructs. His only rules is not nudes or private albums. Aki thinks it's ridiculous, but Max concludes that if a guy won't fuck him he'll fuck with him, and offers to set up the profile himself. He send the first text.

A disguised Julien, meanwhile, spies on Lola as she goes about her day. Arriving at a townhouse, Julien runs up to it and spots her father's name on one of the mailboxes. She texts Max that she needs a ticket for tonight's show. Max turns around to see his dad, Gideon, looking exceptionally ordinary in a simple tux. Max, shocked at the simplicity, asks why. Gideon says Pops advised him to go "normal" for tonight as to not ruffle any feathers despite wanting to wear feathers. Max goes on a speech that they brought him up to be his most authentic self and wishes the same for his Dad. Inspired by his son's words, Gideon goes to change.

Zoya glamorously arrives via car at the theater, a fact noted by Obie. She sarcastically asks if she should have biked in a dress. Obie says she's beautiful, and the two walk inside.

In the foyer, Davis remarks how it's been a long time since they did something together. Julien states he must be exhausted from his 'trip' to Berlin, and recommends getting a coffee since the play will be long. She excuses herself to head upstairs. She passes an angry Max, demanding to know what his father Roy said. Aki informs him Roy wants to meet soon, when Gideon is in London. Max steals Aki's phone to use for later.

On the second floor, an observant Audrey is approached by Julien, the former who thanks her friend for sitting next to her to avoid the two aforementioned boys. Audrey bemoans to Julien the night she's going to have, but Julien spots Lola arriving. Lola sees Davis and sneaks up on him, exclaiming on how grand a romantic gesture to finally go public. Davis is surprised at Lola's presence but awkwardly goes along with her, before asking to go to the bathroom. Max gestures over to Rafa who has just arrived. Rafa thanks Max, saying that although he normally doesn't accept gifts from students, he's a huge fan of the play creator. Max declares he'll introduce Rafa to his dads, before switching his seat with his. Running into Julien, he takes her extra ticket to her protests.

"Let the play around the play begin," Max says.

Inside the theater, Max and Aki sit next to Audrey to her exasperation. Max opens up Aki's phone and sets the fake profile to offline, finding out that Aki has been messaging other men to his glee. Audrey asks what they're talking about, to their immediate denial of nothing. Roy reads out the graphic description of the play but his husband dismisses him, sarcastically saying to put on a brave face. Rafa sits down beside them; Gideon recognizing him as Max's teacher to Roy's shock. The former remarks how Roy and Rafa never met (to Roy's insistent agreement) and introduces them. Obie arrives with candy, but Zoya politely declines with Luna's rules in mind. Not perturbed, Obie queries if she likes Hamilton, but Zoya is too distracted. Suddenly, an appalled Julien sits down behind him - she shoots down Zoya's question about being here with her dad and steals Obie's candy. She finds David and Lola seated across from her. Obie asks whose she staring at but in a retort she questions if he wants to date her too. Lola meets her stare, and putting two and two together she discerns Julien is his daughter and her invite was orchestrated by her, not Davis.

The play begins, and "Aaron" dramatically walks out fully naked and covered in blood, theatric act on full display. Roy secretly sends a text to Rafa asking what he is doing here. Rafa, confused, sends a text asking who this person is. Max, meanwhile, enjoys his show, putting his hand son both Audrey's and Aki's knees to their dismay - Audrey sets his hands back.

The play having ended four hours later, Obie speaks to Zoya about how it was pretty tense, thinking she might still be in shock. Zoya informs him there's a four-block rule about talking about work to Obie's confusion. She's forced to watch Obie eat an appetizer, and tells him he'll be right back. Davis confronts Julien, who isn't having any of it. She accuses him of being like her - having a public lift and a private, secret one, and hates having been lied to. Lola comes to apologize but Julien's wrath isn't for her. She simply states to the older woman to find someone who isn't scared to be seen with her. Julien leaves, and Lola does the same.

At Kate's place, she informs her friends that Burton has just emailed her interrogation time, which is during school hours. Rima says that her husband George doesn't approve their experiment. Apparently, he reveals the IT firm hired has exposed billionaires and massive security breaches. Jordan tells him he put a firewall on the school servers, but George urges them to quit before their careers are over. Kate assures him the school doesn't care about Gossip Girl itself, but rather the noise it's creating. George cautions them, as his former boss (a father at the school) expensed escorts and George knew it. Kate claims they're doing it to hold these people and their children accountable, and offers to expose him. George doesn't want to lose his integrity as he did his job.

"Privilege and power, no matter how amoral, will always win in the end." George declares.

George goes to the bathroom. Rima thinks they're too wrapped up into it, and recommends they consider if it's worth risking everything. She gets up to get another bottle. Jordan asks Kate if they just got fucked.

Zoya is gorging herself with food, accidentally eavesdrops a reproving conversation between a critic and Gideon about the play. Unable to keep quiet, Zoya gets up and defends the play and condemns the men. Overhearing the girl's impassioned speech, Jeremy O. Harris himself approaches her. Zoya quickly backtracks and says she's no one, but Jeremy disagrees and asks the talk in a less confrontational space. Max appears and drags Gideon away.

Roy finds Rafa and says he's sorry for messaging him in the theater. Rafa tells him he mist have him confused with someone else. A gleeful Max comes over with Gideon, claiming he really needs to talking to the two. He snidely asks Rafa if he should him him or if Max would. A pregnant pause occurs, and without further do Max tells Gideon that Roy has been on the dating app Scruff listed as newly single and looking to cheat. Roy commands he stops and tries to take the phone away, but Gideon grabs it and is shocked he did this, with Max's teacher. Gideon orders Rafa to speak. Rafa says max can exclaim since it's not him. Max admits so. Gideon demands the truth from Roy, who insists he just wanted to talk, but Gideon adds up he wanted something else to spring up. Finally, Roy divulges that although he loves him, he fell in love with a different Gideon but that he changed. Saddened and disgusted, Gideon concludes he doesn't want him because of his feminine side, the side Roy never wanted. He proclaims he's growing, and after 20 years together he's shocked that Roy never realized the thing that changed was him. He storms away. Roy angrily inquires Max why he did this to him, but Max retorts why Roy did this to them. Roy walks off, and a tearful Max chugs an entire drink in seconds.

Zoya finds Obie outside, having wondered why he's there. Obie thought she had left, and before Zoya could reveal her time with Jeremy, she notices he's upset and asks why. Obie admits he's confused because she was acting weird all night long and then she's herself again. Zoya discloses she felt that although he said how she looked good tonight but wanted something different, she thought he was comfortable with her appearance, the perfect picture together. Obie insists he wants her to be who she is, unlike Julien. Zoya probs him on how he might have contributed to that - not that he lost Julien but how she got lost behind him. It's hard dating the Prince of New York when that isn't something he won't admit. In a final defiant act, she eats an entree in front of him. Julien walks past them - Zoya urges him to do the right thing. Obie calls out to her, saying he wants to talk. Obie admits his accountability into why Julien became who she is now. He elaborates that he was more comfortable not knowing, because he saw part of himself in her. Julien says she spent some much time putting this idea of her, she forgot who she was, like her dad and all her friends did - except for Zoya. Julien ponders that she needed him to walk away to see she could stand on her own. Julien leaves him to his thoughts.

Rima is in the middle of grading papers when she receives a phone call from Wendy: apparently a tip came into the GG DM's a few weeks ago about George's boss, with Kate having not told her because Rima might have gotten upset. Rima is shocked, especially so after one of the escorts was a senior at Constance. Wendy advises her to do what she will with that, especially if she wants to expose the truth one final time. Unbeknownst to her, Kate and Jordan are with Wendy. The latter states it might get George's old boss fired and get him reinstated. Rima, though disappointed Kate didn't tell her, looks determined. Wendy reminds her she's protected only during school hours because of the the firewall.

A wasted Max is snorting cocaine while being watched by Audrey and Aki. The pair approach him saying he should stop, that he's out of control. In a substance-fueled tirade, Max screams out he isn't the only person who fucked up. He shows Audrey her boyfriend's phone with the Scruff conversations, and reveals to Aki he slept with Audrey because she wanted him too. Since he's the only one willing to say the truth, Max thinks they couple aren't cut out for each other and leaves.

Julien arrives home, finding Davis sadly playing the piano. She asks where Lola is. Davis answers his daughter he sent her to her own apartment, not the one Julien found. Davis says he vowed to let Julien believe she was the only woman in his life, so he kept his dating life private. He forgot she grew up, and could handle the truth. He apologizes and announces they could start leading their lives more honestly. Handing him his phone, Julien says she wants to meet Lola officially.

Obie walks Zoya back to her apartment, asking if the four-block rule still applies in the Upper West Side. Zoya says it depends on the topic - Obie states he really wants to kiss her. Smirking, Zoya gives in and the two share a passionate kiss. Behind them, Zoya's doorman snaps a picture.

Max, in despair, is approached by Rafa, having followed him to his building. His teacher remarks Max put on a good show tonight. Max sarcastically says there might be another one tomorrow. Rafa doesn't appreciate being used, and asks what Max was expecting. Max had thought they would just talk it out, but never meant to blow it out of proportion. Crying, he scoots closer to Rafa to sob on his shoulder. Later in the night, Rafa allows him to sleep on his couch.

The next morning, a tired Zoya puts her Instagram account into private mode after finally reaching one too many notifications. Julien, herself on her way to school, makes the decision to leave her phone behind. Roy, bags in hand, tries to look at Gideon, but he refuses to look at his now-separated spouse. Aki and Audrey awkwardly meet - he asks his girlfriend if she liked it, to which she reluctantly admits but claims she doesn't want to do it again. Aki says likewise, and the pair apologize to each other. They kiss in reconciliation. Rima finishes cleaning out her locker, saying she couldn't resist posting the info on George's boss and notes the firewall didn't work. An apologetic Kate says it could have happened to any of them, and Jordan remarks he's sorry for her. She lastly tells her friends she didn't crack during their interrogation and their identities are a secret. When Rima leaves, Kate asks Jordan if he put the firewall back on. Kate feels terrible, but the two reveal their contacts at other private schools has made Gossip Girl gone citywide.

Monet and Luna wait for Jordan to arrive. When she does, they inform her peak posting hour is upon them. However, their friend states she left her phone behind. Baffled, Monet tells her not to worry as she can download her presets and post from her phone. Julien, with a tone of finality, says she left her phone on purpose and walks off. Monet tells Luna Zoya won't play along so they need to reinstate order as it was once - JC on top, alone. Luna coyly reveals she has intel on Little Z to truly make her history. Monet says if they won't start a war themselves, they'll start one for them. Luna whispers it to Monet's ear, pleased at the scandalousness. The girls smirk sinisterly at the courtyard.



Guest Starring[]


  • Tom D'Agustino as Fabrizio
  • Tamer Mohammed Abedrabbo as Teymour
  • Erin Lindsey Krom as Linda Schacter
  • Douglas Everett Davis as Henry Schacter
  • Stephanie Tear as Server
  • Tenzing Kalden as Woman
  • Samiyyah El Amin Turner as Sophomore Girl
  • Jakob Von Eichel as George
  • Anna Harada as Linda
  • Bruce Faulk as Jimmy
  • Frank DiLella as Himself
  • Oscar Eustis as Himself
  • David Binder as Himself


  • "Without You" by Perfume Genius
  • "Same Damn Luck" by Nilüfer Yanya
  • "iPhone" by Rico Nasty
  • "Acid Rain" by Lxury
  • "Clouds" by Park Hye Jin & Nosaj Thing
  • "Two Hearts" by Zola Blood
  • "Stop" by Upsahl
  • "Teardrop" by Hayley Williams
  • "Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive" by Aretha Franklin
  • "Never Say Never" by Romeo Void
  • "Harden My Heart" by Quarterflash
  • "Cloudbusting" by Kate Bush
  • "Hardline" by Julien Baker
  • "ROYL" by Chloe x Halle

Memorable Quotes[]

Gossip Girl: Morning, followers. Gossip Girl here. Márquez once said, "We all have three lives. A public life, a private life and a secret life." But he left out the most important one. Our dating life. And ever since JC got ditched by Noble O for a little Z, she's been on an international manhunt for a worthy replacement. She's gone truffle hunting with the Italian prime minister's son, yachting with the last Shah of Iran's grandson. She even shared a green juice with the Bonus Jonas. Spies tell us nary a one wanted a second bite at her apple. Perhaps this will provide a temporary balm? Little Z may occupy JC's former residence on the arm of the prince of New York, but she's definitely not to the manor born. Hope the prince doesn't lose interest, or Little Z may find herself Lonely Z. Maybe they're sisters after all. The throne is waiting, but it won't sit empty for long.

Gossip Girl: Spotted on the corner of Bedford: JC donning her best disguise. And is she the only one? Guess we better run to the box office to get our own ticket for tonight's show. Something is clearly about to go down.

Gossip Girl: You know why the play's the thing? Because it holds up a mirror to our own lives. Sometimes it's about staying true to your private self. Or leaving your public self behind. Sometimes, it's about confronting a painful reality...or sublimating your deepest fantasies. Isn't it all a performance, anyway? Yet no costume can conceal what you don't want me to see. Sooner or later, the clothes come off, the makeup washes away and the real you emerges. Your secrets, your sins, your truths, your lies. All the world may be a stage, but on the Upper East Side, the play doesn't matter. It's all in the execution. XOXO, Gossip Girl.


  • Jennifer Lynch, the daughter of David Lynch, directed both this episode and Fire Walks With Z.
  • This episode's title references the 1999 film, "Eyes Wide Shut".
    • The erotic film tells the tale of a couple, a doctor and his wife, both whom have been having extramarital thoughts about other people. The husband is the only one who actually decides to explore his temptation, while his wife stays true to their relationship.
  • Julien asks Audrey "did you kill someone?", which is a nod to the original series when Serena van der Woodsen tells her close friends that she killed someone.
  • Headmistress Queller is indirectly mentioned during the faculty meeting by Headmistress Burton.
  • With the removal of Rima, the Gossip Girl account is now run only by Kate, Wendy, and Jordan. Moreover, their antics have caught the attention of other schools, prompting tips to be sent in by non-CBSJ students.
  • Luna compares Zoya and Obie to the relationship of public figures Robert Pattinson (actor) and Suki Waterhouse (model). She claims that Obie is "R-Patz" and that Zoya is "Suki nobody".
    • The comment earned backlash from Suki Waterhouse, who wasn't happy with the writers choosing to call her a nobody. She tweeted out, "Another day to be reminded that women can also be the patriarchy," she tagged the writer of the episode Lila Feinberg in her tweet. She then tweeted again saying, "Seeing critiques of patriarchy and sexism, then I get name checked as somebody’s ‘nobody’ girlfriend. Make it make sense!". The tweets have since been deleted.[1]
    • The backlash to the comments were compared to disparaging remarks made about Taylor Swift's love life in another streaming series. The remark made in the separate series was also rooted in sexism, yet said by a character who claimed to be a feminist.

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