Kira Abernathy was a recurring character in the third season of the Gossip Girl television adaptation. She is portrayed by Sarah Steele.

Televison Series

Season Three

Kira is introduced in They Shoot Humphreys, Don't They? as a fellow Constance student interested in being friends with Jenny, but is consistently ignored by her. After being unable to secure her own date to Cotillion, her mother and Lily van der Woodsen arranged for her to be escorted by Eric van der Woodsen. After a brief conversation with him, Kira learns that a way to become Jenny's friend is to help her get a date with her neighbor Graham Collins. She asks Graham, who is up for it, but Eric declines his offer to take Jenny before she can see it. At the Mentor Dinner, Jenny learns what Eric did and agrees to go with Graham. After being publicly outed by Jenny, Blair Waldorf and Eric team up with Kira to take Jenny down. Eric arranges for her to take Graham as her date, and Blair gets her a makeover. At Cotillion, the plan works and Jenny is left alone onstage, humiliated. However, she gets Nate Archibald to escort her and after seeing Kira take her date, she orders her to watch her back.

Kira appears next in The Debarted when she and Eric plan to take Jenny down. However, their efforts fail and Kira isn't seen again.

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