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Katherine "Kiki" Hope is a main character in the Gossip Girl revival. She is portrayed by Laura Benanti.

Kiki is the absentee mother of Audrey Hope, whose ugly divorce from her husband and the closing of her fashion factories has caused her to spiral into a depressive state. She is an alcoholic and rarely attends her daughter's social events.


Katherine is from Cornwall, Connecticut. She was married to Mr. Hope and they had one child together, Audrey. They had the perfect life as Katherine's athleisure wear line took off and she made her fortune. She had an assistant who frequently visited the Hope residence and raved on how she coveted Katherine's life and a family like hers. Katherine later learned that the same assistant was having an affair with Mr. Hope, and the pair began a nasty divorce.

Television Series[]

Season One[]

In "She's Having a Maybe",


Kiki is a distracted, divorcee, absentee mother with a failing fashion company, which has driven her into a depressive state. She either downright refuses to leave the house or uses work as an excuse to avoid social events. On the rare occasions she does attend her daughters events, such as parent teacher nights, she becomes quickly intoxicated and messy. Her heightened emotional state leaves her vulnerable and quick to have a hostile, negative reaction to things she dislikes.

Appearance and Style[]

Kiki is a fashionable woman when she wants to be; able to piece together stunning designer outfits from her seemingly endless closet. She can wear just about anything with her slim physique and tall build. She has shoulder-length brown hair and blue-green eyes. She wears heavy eye makeup and is usually seen medicated or intoxicated.

Relationships (TV Series)[]



  • Mr. Hope (Ex-Husband; left her for her assistant/best friend)

Memorable Quotes[]

Hobbies & Skills[]


  • She hasn't spent any time with her friends since her ex-husband left.[1]