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I'm a bully. I bully my sister. I bully my friends, my fans. And I'm never gonna do it again, so long as I live. You have this video. DubSmash it, Deuxmoi it. Gossip Girl it for all it's worth. Now... how about we put this pain behind us and bow down to the Princess?
Julien in "Fire Walks With Z"

Julien Elizabeth Calloway is a main character in the Gossip Girl revival series. She is portrayed by Jordan Alexander.

A famous Instagram influencer and rising model, life for Julien is beautiful and effortless. The most popular girl at Constance, Julien shares her life on social media, but isn't used to her private life being exposed. Her father, Davis Calloway, is a famous record producer and his access to celebrities gave her a platform for celebrity interviews at a very young age.


Julien was born to Davis Calloway and his wife, Marion. She grew up surrounded by wealth and privilege due to her fathers recording company. However, Marion left her family to be with Nick Lott and started a new family with him, resulting in the birth of Julien's half-sister, Zoya Lott. Marion had Lupus and died giving birth to Zoya. Davis's anger at both Marion and Nick stopped him from ever introducing the sisters, which led to Julien becoming increasingly curious about her sister. She reached out in her Freshman year of high school and struck up an online friendship with Zoya. They plotted to have Zoya transfer to Constance Billard St. Jude's School for her Freshman year. In the meantime, Julien's social media presence took off with the help of Monet de Haan and Luna La. Julien quickly became a highly adored influencer with millions of online followers.

Television Series[]

Season One[]


In the premiere, Just Another Girl on the MTA, Julien Calloway prepares for her first day as a junior at Constance Billard St. Jude's. Upon arriving at school, she searches for her sister, Zoya Lott, a freshman who is new to the city. When the two meet, it's revealed that they have been talking for awhile over social media and are close. Julien shares her plans for indoctrinating Zoya into her friend group, which Zoya is skeptical of but agrees to. During lunch, Julien compliments Zoya's shoes, which she bought, and invites her to come out that night with her friends.

That evening, Zoya arrives with Obie which catches Audrey's attention, though Julien brushes it off. The girls reunite and she gives Zoya a rundown on all things Constance and Upper East Side. However, their fun night is spoiled when an elusive online Instagram account called Gossip Girl sends out a blast outing Julien and Zoya for already knowing each other. Even more, Gossip Girl reveals that Julien was responsible for ensuring the school's art scholarship money went to Zoya. Her friends are shocked the girls already know each other, hurt over the lie, and Zoya is left reeling. Obie is hurt that Julien didn't tell him. though before he leaves, she makes him take a photo for her story. He complies but leaves with Zoya.

The next morning, Gossip Girl tags everyone in a photo of Obie and Zoya undressing in the window of his apartment. The world assumes the pair cheated, though Julien assures Zoya that she knows nothing happened and that everything will blow over soon. However, the blast shakes the UES social scene as everyone labels Zoya and Obie, now known as #Zobie, as cheaters. Zoya is quick to tell Julien that things aren't as they seem, with Julien understanding as Gossip Girl wants to take her down and Zoya is caught in the crosshairs. However, when the student body begins to turn on Julien and she loses followers which Zoya gains, Julien plots to take back the power in a public display. She tells Zoya of her plan not to add her to the fashion shows afterparty guest list, which would make Zoya cause a planned scene. Zoya agrees to the plan and attends the fashion show. When Julien realizes she's losing followers and Zoya is gaining them, she lets Monet and Luna come up a plan of their own. They swipe Zoya's phone, Luna snaps a photo of Max Wolfe's balls, and then Monet shares it with everyone in attendance. This leaves Zoya humiliated as she realizes what Monet and Luna did.

She is escorted out of the fashion show while Julien does nothing to stop the scene from unfolding. Instead, Julien finishes the show in a triumphant manner while Monet snaps a picture of Zoya in front of the runway looking up at Julien. Monet shares the photo to Gossip Girl who sends it as a blast. After the show, Zoya explains that she is hurt that Julien did nothing to stop what happened and let her be humiliated. Julien holds that it wasn't her fault. As they argue, it becomes clear that the division Gossip Girl worked to create is coming to fruition. They cease their friendship and Julien climbs into a car that she shares with Obie. She plans to go to The Blonde with him but he isn't interested and realizes that tonight she showed her true colors, which he didn't like. He breaks up with her and leaves.

The next day, Julien, Monet, and Luna stand on the balcony overlooking the entrance as Zoya arrives. Julien watches Zoya and Obie talk then enter the school together. Julien turns and angrily walks off when she runs into Ms. Keller again. Only this time, she helps the teacher pick up her things, apologizes, and even compliments her blazer.

In "She's Having a Maybe",

In "Lies Wide Shut",

In "Fire Walks With Z", keeping true to her decision to be more transparent on social media, Julien goes makeup free for her morning Insta story, even turning off her ring light. Her choice is looked down on by Monet and Luna, who are disturbed by her nonchalant attitude towards her appearance. Julien barely makes it out of the apartment after an awkward talk with Lola, who gushes over Julien's past of interviewing rock stars as a child. At school, Julien and Audrey discuss Audrey and Aki's dalliance's with Max. Julien advises her to avoid Max and ask Aki about his sexuality. When they arrive outside the building, Luna tests Julien by talking about a Vouge spread, but Julien is indifferent. She wants to be more vulnerable to the public. She notices a line of food trucks that Obie prepared for Zoya's birthday, and helps herself to a morning pastry. She sees Zoya and wishes her a happy birthday, but the girl is on edge and sharply asks if she told Gossip Girl it was her birthday. Julien refutes the idea but Zoya doesn't believe her, causing a minor tiff between the siblings. Julien sees a blast from GG outing Zoya as getting evicted, and warning that she's planning an attack on Julien.

Julien vents to Monet and Luna in the bathrooms over why Zoya would do this, as she's been plenty nice. The girls feed Julien's insecurities to manipulate her into fighting against Zoya. They remind her that Zoya stole her man, her thunder, and her throne. They want her to socially murder Zoya. They want her to throw a party that night to steal Zoya's thunder, which involves asking her father to get Princess Nokia to perform. After school, she selects the perfect dress with help from Audrey, but is mortified when Gossip Girl drops a blast that brings up an old tweet of Julien's that body shames people. A slew of cancellations for her party fly in, along with "Calloway Cancel Party" trending on Twitter. The girls jump to thinking Zoya is responsible. The situations forces Julien to do damage control. She turns the event into a charity gala for her mom who died of Lupus after giving birth.

Davis and Nick intervene to talk sense into the sisters. They decide that the party will be a joint event celebrating Zoya's birthday and Marion's legacy by raising money for the Lupus Foundation of America. The sisters aren't thrilled with the idea, but Julien is happy that Princess Nokia is once again attending. Julien is angered by the event and sends Monet the evidence she previously gathered from Gossip Girl, ready to use it if needed. Zoya uses the step and repeat that Julien's sponsors provided to take photos with celebrities', then pulls Julien in for a photo together. She also invited the teachers of Constance Billard St. Jude's School to attend. Julien finds Monet and Luna who have set up a GoFundMe for Zoya's housing crisis, so Zoya reacts by having her new ally send bots after Julien. The bots Venmo Julien for BJs, HJs, poppers, urine, coke, and more. As Julien eats she begins to act intoxicated as she plans with Monet and Luna to release the video of Zoya. Milo has spiked all of Julien's food with Alcosynth, a synthetic alcohol substitute. Julien, meanwhile, is intercepted by Obie who tries to appeal to her as an old friend. He doesn't want her to go through with any plans as Zoya will lose her home, since Julien can stop the fight. Julien tells him to live with his choices as he's going to wish he made a different one.

Julien meets with Princess Nokia before the performance, as she's going to give a speech before introducing Nokia. Julien gives a speech regarding Zoya's birthday and Marion, though her intoxicated state causes her to spiral. She then plays the video of Zoya's meltdown in Buffalo to everyone in attendance - including her dad and Nick Lott. The video initially shows Zoya spray painting the lockers of school before tagging the chem lab when her friends lock her in. They call her a mother killer and and taunt her viscously through the locked door. Zoya screams to be let out as Julien begins to panic as she didn't see this part. She tries to tell Monet and Luna to stop the video but they brush her off as going soft. Julien yanks the phone out of Luna's hand to shut it off. She returns to the stage to admit that the video was traumatic and that she's a bully. She has everyone record her admission. She promises to no longer bully her friends, followers, or people in general. She tells Zoya she loves her and introduces Princess Nokia.

During the performance, Zoya and Julien share a heart-to-heart as Zoya opens up about the night the video was recorded. She had a panic attack in the room so she created a fire to set off the alarm. She felt as if they were right - she killed their mom. Julien assures her that Zoya is alive because Marion wanted her to be alive and wanted her. Julien apologizes and she agrees for this day to be her birthday first. She's glad Zoya Jane was born. They embrace and the moment is filmed by Gossip Girl. The girls agree not to hide from the truth anymore. She helps Zoya repair her relationship with Obie then the sisters go to Julien's house where Zoya blows out a candle before they share pastries.

In "Hope Sinks", Julien and Zoya are getting along and spending more time together, a fact that annoys the other girls in the friend group. As the group talks Zoya brings up the annual Halloween party that one of the sisters from Hocus Pocus throws every year. Julien had forgotten about it. Monet and Luna know they have their work cut out for them in getting Julien to win the contest - which includes a price of a three-spread magazine feature, now that the rival influencers Pippa Sykes and Bianca Breer have the sympathy vote after a student brought a gun to their school. The friend group goes to Dumbo Hall after school where Audrey vents about her issues with her mother, though everyone is distracted with their own issues. Julien can't convince the world that she's friends with her sister, though Monet blames it on Julien having lost her credibility when she took her finger off the apps. Luna asks her to let them do their jobs again. Julien agrees but makes them promise to keep it Zoya friendly.

Things get awkward when Zoya arrives due to Obie's presence, and Julien notices the distance between the couple. Julien changes the subject to coordinating their Halloween outfits, but Zoya suggests doing a couples costume themselves. Obie thought they were doing a costume together but Zoya didn't think he wanted too. The sisters plan their Halloween costumes for the upcoming Hulaween party, wanting to do one of the iconic sisters of New York to fit the theme of iconic New Yorkers. Monet is against the idea as she wants Julien to do a singles costume as it will be better for her brand, though Luna does her best to manage the situation. The next day, Luna presents the sisters with a list of iconic sisters. Julien recommends Beyoncé and Solange, and the group decides to do the iconic elevator moment. Luna and Monet quickly don Julien as Beyoncé due to her fame while Zoya fits the underbelly of Solange. Zoya also confides in Julien about her new friendship with Simon, as she worries that Obie cares about the things he talks about or just thinks he should. Later, Obie asks Julien for her help with Zoya and Julien admits that the boys name is Simon.

Julien gets ready for the party iwth help from Monet, who shows Julien a post from Gossip Girl that features Zoya with Simon. The post paints the friendship as salacious. Julien brushes it off as they're just friends, so Luna and Monet convinces her to like the post, despite Julien not wanting too. As Julien is about to like it they notice that Gossip Girl's account has been disabled. At the party, Zoya and Julien wait for Obie to arrive as he is supposed to be the boy between them. As they wait, Julien and Zoya discuss GG's account going dark. Zoya worries that Obie saw the photo of her and Simon, but Julien assures her that he probably didn't. When the girls enter they are horrified to see that everyone is dressed as them - their costume leaked. Luna ushers the girls into hiding where Julien begins to panic until she comes up with a quick solution. She has Obie and Aki give them their jackets and dress shirts. The sisters interrupt Pippa and Bianca's photoshoot moment, as they are dressed as Serena van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf. The sister interject as the husbands to their New York socialites and claim the group costume had been planned for months, with Julien dressed as Dan Humphrey while Zoya is Chuck Bass. Bianca asks Julien why she sabotaged them, to which Julien states that this is what sisterhood is; if one of them goes down they all go down together. Pippa and Bianca storm off, leaving the sisters to happily pose while Luna and Monet watch.

Luna finds Julien to tell her that she confirmed the costume leak came from inside the camp - it was Monet. They confront Monet who blames Julien for her betrayal, since Julien stopped caring about her image which affects Monet's future. She can't just decide to be clean after Monet did Julien's dirty work for years. Julien wants to be better, but Monet counters that she has a career to worry about that goes beyond the friendship she thought they had. Monet announces that she's Pippa and Bianca's manger now which shocks Julien, as the girls don't go to their school. Monet reminds her that the world is bigger than Constance. Julien wishes her former friend the best of luck but warns that if she can't grow with her client she won't have a career. Monet wishes Julien luck in being the best without her. As Luna and Julien walk away, Julien worries about Audrey as they brushed her off earlier. Julien learns that Audrey's mom is the hospital after an overdose and rushes to the E.R. where she embraces Audrey. The rest of the group, minus Monet, arrives as they rally around Audrey in support.

106 Promo14.jpeg

In "Parentsite", Davis confronts Julien over her PSAT scores as they are abhorrent. He regrets not going to college and tries to explain the real world to Julien. Her social media presence doesn't offer anything that can support her in the future. There's no retirement plan or 401k to back her. He's worried that the path she's on will vanish if things go wrong, as her career hasn't been a business yet. She presses that it's always been in her plan to accept endorsements, she just hasn't so far because she hasn't worried about money. She offers to show him what her brand ism but he makes her promise to retake the PSAT's in return. Julien contacts Luna for her help in a photoshoot at CBSJ. Audrey crashes as she's still fretting over her mom's condition and wants to be back at the hospital. Julien tries to soothe Audrey and support her while Luna rattles off what Julien needs to do if she wants impress Davis. When Audrey leaves, Julien talks to Luna about taking things to the next level to make her brand a real career. Luna can't wait to take Julien from content to creator - from influence to importance. She schedules meetings with brands for a collaboration.

In the meantime, Julien tells Obie that she wants to invest in her future which surprises him as she never used to think about the future. She wants to push herself out of her comfort zone so she can create something people need. Zoya joins them and they talk about Julien's big changes, which Zoya knows will be amazing, but first asks Obie when she'll meet his mom. Helena's arrival is news to Julien. She listens to Obie talk about his mothers unexpected arrival. Julien and Zoya walk to class together as they talk about her problems with Obie. Julien assures Zoya that it isn't personal as Obie is Helena's golden boy so he's terrified of her. When it comes to Helena, Obie just freezes. Julien had to track her down to meet her because Obie was too scared to introduce them. She assures Zoya that she is confrontational and can handle introducing herself.

When the meeting goes poorly, Zoya calls Julien for advice and gets a pep talk. Julien opens up about how Helena adored her so Obie leaving Julien for her half-sister is probably hard to handle. She tells Zoya to crash the dinner then hangs up. Julien and Davis arrive at Dumbo Hall to meet Luna, who directs them to the bar for pre-drinks with L'Oréal, Glosser, and Goop reps. Julien wants to keep her authenticity and partner with a brand who caters to women of color as much as they do white women. Revlon interrupts to say they want to take her to the next level. Alta wants to make Julien into something profitable. With the meetings over and a lot to think about, Julien talks with a rep from Sephora who presses that their brand values inclusion and individuality. They aren't just about makeup but making a difference. They want to sign a non-exclusive two-year contract where Julien gets to decide what she puts out in the world. The deal expires in 24-hours and would make Julien the youngest influencer to ever be contracted with them.

Davis and Julien walk home as they discuss the meeting. He's proud of her for doing something great with her platform. She's waiting for Zoya to call and he asks if she wants the dinner to go well or not. She still has feelings for Obie but it doesn't matter. They run into Obie on the sidewalk so Davis gives Julien some privacy. Obie is angry that Julien is messing with his life; she convinced Zoya to ambush his mom, invite herself to family dinner, and "Zoya all over everyone". Julien was trying to help as Zoya is her sister. He wonders if she's still trying to sabotage things but she just wants both of them to be happy. Obie admits that he isn't happy anymore. The next morning, Julien watches Obie's Instagram story of him protesting outside the housing complex his mother is building. Davis assures Julien that her mom would be dragging them there now if she was here. He tells Julien to go but call and check-in every few hours.

Julien arrives at the protest and meets with Obie, who is surprised to see her. She apologizes for giving him advice but he knows he needed to hear it. She asks for a picket sign. Zoya arrives and sees them together so she angrily leaves. Julien chases after her but Zoya is emotional and doesn't know what to believe. She thinks Julien only became friends with her to get close to Obie again. Julien tries to explain that Obie wanted Zoya, not her. Zoya asks if Julien still loves him and Julien admits that she does. She asks if Zoya loves Obie. Zoya doesn't answer and leaves the protest. Julien answers a call from Marjory, the Sephora rep, and happily states that she sent the contract over that morning. Marjory tells Julien to leave the protests as they don't want to alienate a portion of their users. Julien hangs up on Marjory just as Obie walks up, realizing that Julien has changed. By nightfall, the police arrive at the protest and things spiral out of control. Obie and Julien run into an alley to avoid the smoke and chaos. As they get their bearings, Obie leans over and they begin to make out against a wall.

In "Posts on a Scandal", Julien's world begins to unravel with Gossip Girl's latest blast outing her father as a sexual predator who took advantage of a woman years ago. As she struggles to figure out if this is true, Davis assures her it isn't. After vetting him, Julien believes her father and takes a proactive approach. She is sure things will be fine so long as they act normal by attending his movie opening. The protesters outside the theater rattle her, but Audrey and Luna are there to support her. Once inside, Julien and Zoya clash as the latter sister believes Davis is guilty and even leaked Davis's secret apartment to Gossip Girl. The action creates even more trouble for Julien. As the sister's butt heads, their father's try to intervene but neither is interested. Julien suddenly remembers her father's stash of old phones and grabs Zoya, asking her if they can put their shit aside for now. The sisters head to Davis's office where they find a box of phones. As Julien scrolls through, she becomes horrified at her discoveries.

That night, they confront Davis over their findings. He claims he did sleep with the woman accusing him now, Lauren, but that he didn't know she was that drunk. Julien begins to read messages from even more women who had texted Davis the morning after they hooked up as they couldn't remember anything from that night. He tries to rationalize his behavior but she lashes out, refusing to believe him. She grabs her bag and yanks her arm away from Davis's grip. She and Zoya leave the penthouse, though Julien breaks down once they reach the hallway. Zoya holds her sister assuring her she isn't going anywhere.

Appearance and Style[]

Julien is a beautiful girl noted for her slim but athletic physique and regular height. Her distinct features is her shaved head, dark brown eyes accentuated with liner, full lips, and high cheekbones.

The top trendsetter at Constance, she often wears edgy, androgynous clothing with intentionally stitched and disheveled highlights. Some of her signature pieces include oversized outerwear, short shorts and cowboy boots. Her style just barely meets the dress code standard at Constance, but is able to dress herself up when needed. Julien's style shifts as the fall semester of her junior year ends, from striking blazers and fashionable staements to a more of a minimalist note[1]. She takes her make up seriously and is seen touching it up throughout the day to keep it impeccable. She also never wears the same accessory twice.


Julien is a benevolent young woman. She is highly intelligent, having formed a carefully-constructed plan to not only move her half-sister Zoya to New York City as a means to physically be with her. Once Zoya arrived, Julien was shown to be kind and welcoming, showering her with gifts, handing out exclusive invites, and overall intent on showing Zoya her slice of the world.

Julien, however, has shown to be quite arrogant, and flaunts the power she wields in Constance with a careless grace. Though she herself hasn't shown direct antagonism towards Kate Keller or any other teacher, she nonetheless smirks on the side if Monet and Luna take a stand against authority and has no problem breaking the rules. She possesses a selfish side as well, demonstrated as insisting Obie do her story.

However, Julien's worst qualities tend to be her vanity, arrogance, and self-worth, which she has all but invested in her reputation as an influencer and up-and-coming model. She tolerates, if not encourages Monet and Luna's ill behavior towards others so that in turn they serve as her personal handmaidens, offering touchups and adjusting her clothing. When their modification to a scheme to thwart Gossip Girl ends in Zoya's humiliation, Julien is neither angry or upset but pleased given the plot worked out in her favor, and initially refuses to see Zoya's perspective. Owing to her privileged life, she couldn't care less if Obie or Zoya show a selflessness or concern for others that don't involve her directly. Julien has stated she isn't just known - she's influential and she cannot under no circumstances have that taken away from her, even if the price was the relationship she wanted with her sister.




Memorable Quotes[]

  • "And what about what I deserve?"
  • "Why would you think someone deserves something more than you?"
  • You just got here. You have no idea how hard it was for me become who I am today. Dead mom, drunk or disappearing dad. And now I'm not just known, I'm influential. It takes a lot of work to matter like that, to become something. And I can't have that taken away from me. But you're here now so this can go one of two ways: you can learn me... or you can leave.
  • "Why? Do you want to date her too?"
  • “No maybes, maybes suck. I need a ‘Yes’ for a change.”

Hobbies & Skills[]

Julien is exceptionally skilled at captivating the attention of her thousands of followers. She is well-versed in the haves and the have nots of the social media world, and uses it to her advantage. She is also a talented model.



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