Jonathan Whitney is a recurring character in the Gossip Girl television adaptation. He is portrayed by Matt Doyle.

Television Series

Season Two

Jonathan makes his first appearance in Chuck In Real Life when Eric van der Woodsen introduces him to Serena and Blair Waldorf as his boyfriend. That evening, Bart Bass and Lily van der Woodsen are planning a housewarming party, which Serena and Eric's friends are invited to. However, Eric lies to Jonathan that the party is family only. Serena mistakenly assumes that Bart told Eric not to bring Jonathan, but Eric admits that he made the decision himself as to not come out in a national magazine. In Gone with the Will, Eric becomes increasingly frustrated at not having any alone time with Jonathan, as Jenny keeps crashing their dates.

In The Goodbye Gossip Girl, Jonathan is mistakenly accused of being Gossip Girl. However, he clears this up when he explains he hacked her servers over spring break when he was bored.

Season Three

In How to Succeed in Bassness, Jonathan believes that Jenny has let her new power of queen corrupt her. Eric tries to convince him otherwise, but sides with Jonathan after Jenny has her minions dump yogurt on his head. Eric tells Lily what happened and she grounds Jenny, but decides to let her attend Chuck Bass's club opening if Eric agrees to go too. Wanting revenge for telling on her, Jenny has her minions egg Jonathan on his way to meet Eric. Upset at what she did to Jonathan, Eric vows revenge on her. He gets his chance once it's time for Cotillion and he works with Blair to steal Jenny's date and humiliate her onstage. His plan works, until she is able to get Nate Archibald to escort her instead. However, Jonathan doesn't like how Eric has become dark and scheming and breaks up with him (They Shoot Humphreys, Don't They?).

Season Four

In Damien Darko, after Eric forgets a book at school, Jonathan brings them to the VDW penthouse. Once there, he lets it slip tp Lily that Eric's boyfriend, Eliot Garfield, broke up with him before the holidays and he's been lying to her. Once confronted, Eric admits to Jonathan that he misses him and has been having a rough few months. Jonathan offers to attend the W Magazine party with him but is turned off when Eric ignores him most of the evening for Damien Dalgaard. As a result, Jonathan realizes Eric hasn't changed and leaves. This is his last appearance in the series.


  • He went to fencing camp.
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