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Jody Menzies is a guest character in the Gossip Girl revival. She is portrayed by Hettienne Park.

Jody is the divorced mother of Aki Menzies, her only child with Australian media mogul Roger Menzies. She is a high-powered cooperate connector. Aki and Jody live in a Central Park South sky tower - literally higher than the clouds.


Television Series[]

Season One[]


Jody is more caring and empathetic than her ex-husband and longs for a connection with her son, even though her absence in his life is the reason for their divide. She is open to accepting Aki's sexuality and supports him in her own way. She is also one of the kinder people to Zoya when the newcomer comes to dinner, hesitantly commending the teenager for criticizing Roger's business practices.



  • Aki Menzies (Son)
  • Hamish Menzies (ex-stepson)
  • Jake Menzies (ex-stepson)
  • Eliza Menzies (ex-step-daughter)


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  • She is strongly inspired by Chinese-born Wendi Deng, now ex-wife to Australian-born new corporation billionaire Rupert Murdoch. His marriage to Murdoch produced two New York-born daughters, who aren't particularly close to their much older half-siblings (alluding to Aki's absent older half-siblings).