Jack Laurent
General information
Full name Jacqueline Laurent
Nickname(s) J, Queen J
Birthplace New York City, NY
Occupation High school student
(at Constance)
Romances J.P. Cashman (boyfriend)
Enemies Avery Carlyle
Baby Carlyle
Series information
Status Alive
First appearance The Carlyles
Last appearance Love the One You're With

Jacqueline "Jack" Laurent is a character in Gossip Girl: The Carlyles, a spin-off series to the original Gossip Girl novels.

Novel series


With Blair and Serena out of the picture, Jacqueline holds the seating chart to the steps of the Met. But be warned, J: with A in town, your days on top may be numbered. Word is that this willowy ballerina-in-training should stay on her toes if she wants to maintain the throne. Watch her fight to hold her ground in You Just Can't Get Enough.

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