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This article is about the tv character. You may be looking for the novel character.

Isabel Susan Coates is a recurring character in the Gossip Girl television show, as well as the series of novels. She is portrayed by Nicole Fiscella.

Novel Series[]

Is Kati Farkas' best friend and they often attend parties or try to get invitations to exclusive events. They are inseparable.

Television Series[]

Season One[]

Isabel appears in the Pilot, noting that someone saw Serena van der Woodsen get off a train at Grand Central Terminal. She appears throughout the rest of the season alongside the other girls, Kati Farkas, Penelope Shafai, Hazel Williams, Nelly Yuki, and Jenny Humphrey. In The Blair Bitch Project she reveals she broke her arm during spring break in a spa at a ski resort.

Season Two[]

Throughout the second season, Isabel appears with the other girls; namely Penelope, Hazel, and Nelly. In It's a Wonderful Lie, she buys a dress to wear to the Snowflake Ball that ends up being see through. She then gives it to Jenny to humiliate Vanessa Abrams with. In the season finale The Goodbye Gossip Girl, Isabel graduates alongside everyone else and helps the other girls almost crown Emma Boardman the new queen.

Season Four[]

Isabel makes a cameo appearance in the season finale The Wrong Goodbye, alongside Kati at a Constance Billard-St. Jude's fundraiser. This is also her last appearance on the show.


  • She is a concert pianist.
  • She never wears the same outfit twice.
  • She once broke her arm in the spa at a ski resort.
  • Warren Buffet is her godfather.