Hazel Williams is a recurring character in the Gossip Girl television series and one of Blair Waldorf's minions. She is portrayed by Dreama Walker.

Television Series Edit

Season One Edit

Hazel makes her first appearance in School Lies as a guest at an illegal pool party. After this, she's seen along with Blair and the other girls, Penelope Shafai, Isabel Coates, Nelly Yuki, and Jenny Humphrey.

In The Blair Bitch Project, Hazel returns from spring break with Jenny, who she brought with her on her trip to Aspen, Colorado. A few nights before Jenny's birthday, which they plan to celebrate at Socialista, Hazel has her friends, sans Blair, over to hang out. While there, Jenny becomes upset at not having anything to wear to her birthday dinner but stumbles into Hazel's mother's closet. She steals a Valentino dress, worth $15,000, which she trades for a Dolce & Gabbana dress worth thousands less. Hazel's parents call the police, as the dress was worth so much, and blame their housekeeper. Knowing she messed up, Jenny tries to return the dress but is unable too. Meanwhile, Blair helps Rufus Humphrey plan an embarrassing surprise party for Jenny, which Hazel attends. At the party, it's

revealed that Jenny stole the dress and all the girls subsequently leave to go with Blair to Butter. However, once there, Hazel and the other girls pretend her mother gave the dress away on accident to prevent Blair from becoming queen again.

Season Two Edit

Hazel remains friends with all the girls and continues school at Constance Billard throughout the entire season.

Trivia Edit

  • Hazel is shown to not be particularly bright or talented (unlike Penelope, a National Merit Scholar, and Isabel, a concert pianist) and clings to the safety of her friend group.
  • She is desperate for a boyfriend.
  • Her mom takes Ativan, a medication used to control anxiety.
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