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The Gossip Girl novel series was created by Cecily von Ziegesar and written by herself as well as by an unknown ghost writer. The name of the first novel in the series, Gossip Girl, is also the nom de plume of the narrator. It has also been adapted into a TV series airing on The CW and CTV. It spawned two spin-off book series, The It Girl and Gossip Girl: The Carlyles.


Published by Alloy Entertainment, the Gossip Girl series has been published in paperback with the twelfth in the series, prequel It Had To Be You, published in hardcover. The first eight books were written by von Ziegesar, while the remaining in the series were ghostwritten.

Other titles[]

  • Gossip Girl: Psycho Killer


The series has spawned two spin-off series: The It Girl and Gossip Girl: The Carlyles.


  • Serena van der Woodsen
  • Blair Waldorf
  • Dan Humphrey
  • Chuck Bass
  • Nate Archibald
  • Jenny Humphrey
  • Vanessa Abrahms
  • Georgina Sparks
  • Dorota Kishlovsky
  • Lily Bass
  • Rufus Humphrey
  • Eleanor Waldorf
  • Cyrus Rose
  • Bart Bass
  • Jack Bass



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The Gossip Girl television adaption aired on The CW Television Network from 2007 until 2012. Josh Schwartz, the creator of The O.C., and Stephanie Savage served as executive producers for the project.

In the television series, Blake Lively plays Serena, Leighton Meester plays Blair, Chace Crawford plays Nate, Ed Westwick plays Chuck Bass, Penn Badgely plays Dan Humphrey and Taylor Momsen plays Jenny Humphrey. The show is based on the books but does not follow the same story line.

Manga Series[]

The Gossip Girl Manga Series was a series of three books all entitled For Your Eyes only.