Gossip Girl: The Carlyles (also called The Carlyle Triplets) is a Gossip Girl spin-off series that takes place after the last novel of the original series. The series centers around the three Carlyle triplets and their friends: Owen, Avery, and Baby Carlyle; the new "Queen B", Jacqueline Laurent; J.P. Cashman; Rhys Sterling; and Kelsey Talmadge.



  • Rhys Sterling: Captain of St. Jude's swim team, son of a powerful radio personality, and doting boyfriend to the beautiful Kelsey Talmadge, R's life looks as smooth as his breaststroke. But word is he finds himself in some hot water once O takes a dip in the dating pool. Does O have what it takes to lap R—in and out of the water?
  • Kelsey Talmadge: While K's been the life preserver to swim captain R since they were practically in diapers, there's a new guy in town, and K's looking somewhat adrift. Is artsy, whimsical K slipping out of R's toned swimmer's arms?
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