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You want the version of me you're comfortable with. The one I felt I still had to be when we first met. But not who I am. I'm growing. But after 20 years together, I'm shocked that you can't see the only thing that has changed here is you.
Gideon to Roy

Gideon Wolfe is a recurring character in the Gossip Girl revival. He is portrayed by Todd Almond.

Gideon is the Jewish and queer parent of Max Wolfe, a cisgender gay male who expresses himself through his femininity.[1] He is a theatre impresario.


Gideon is the husband of Roy Sachs, having been together for about twenty years. Gideon dressed more masculine when he was younger and became more confident in expressing his femininity later in life.

He and Roy had Max via surrogate and raised in New York to always honor his most authentic self. He is Max's biological father. To differentiate between himself and Roy, they taught Max to call Gideon "dad" and Roy "pops".

Television Series[]

Season One[]

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In "Lies Wide Shut", at family dinner, Roy Sachs gushes over his landscaping business to Max, just as Max's dad, Gideon Wolfe, makes a grand entrance wearing a corseted dress. He has plans to attend a new Jeremy O'Harris play, which is enticing to Max as it's promised to have genitals and gore. Gideon assures Max and Roy that they have tickets for tomorrow night - including a block for Max's friends. As the conversation drifts, Roy and Gideon disagree over Gideon's choice of attire, while Max nervously watches the brimming tension. The next day, Gideon emerges to Max wearing a suit, which prompts Max to push his dad to be his authentic self in the same sense that Gideon and Roy raised Max to be. Gideon agrees to change into something more authentic to himself, and Max chimes in that he will do the same. At the play, Gideon and Roy are seated by Rafa Caparros, Max's classics teacher. Gideon recognizes him from the PTA meeting and makes light conversation with the man despite Roy's clear awkwardness with the situation.

After the play, Gideon attends an after party where he and a friend discuss the play. They didn't like it and found too aggressive, with their comments prompting Zoya Lott to interject her opinions which surprises Gideon. The man is left speechless when Jeremy O'Harris overhears and takes Zoya away to talk in a "less confrontational space". Gideon is speaking with is friend when Max pulls him away to the bar. Once there, he outs Roy's affair to Gideon in front of Rafa. He pulls up the fake profile with Rafa's name and image, though Roy tries to wrestle the phone out of Max's hands. Gideon intercepts and is horrified to learn the truth, especially since it involves Max's teacher. Max, at Rafa's insistence, admits that he set Roy up using a false profile. His dads continue to argue at the bar, with the fight escalating as Roy admits that Gideon's femininity is an issue for him. Gideon walks away in an emotional state. The next day at home, he ignores Roy as he leaves the house with his bags packed.

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In "Hope Sinks", Aki Menzies calls the Wolfe residence looking for Max, though a day-drinking Gideon answers. He comments on Aki's respectfulness but hasn't seen Max, as he thought his son was with Aki or his other friends. He isn't surprised that Max hasn't been home, as he's probably been avoiding the wailing of Roy in the guest room. He asks Aki to tell Max that the coast is clear since Roy moved out that morning, so now it's just Gideon wailing alone. Aki apologizes for the pain going on and promises to tell Max of the recent developments.

Appearance and Style[]

Gideon is a tall feminine man with light skin, angular features, and long caramel locks. He enjoys wearing soft billowing blouses for his daytime looks and yearns for big events so he can show off his elaborate Victorian-inspired dresses. He wears heels and makeup such as light pink lipstick and concealer. He is vain when it comes to his appearance and refuses to be anything less than perfect.


Gideon thrives to be the most authentic version of himself no matter what. He raised his son in the same way, allowing him to be his most authentic and open self. Gideon isn't afraid to express his femininity and break the gender boundaries that society places on him. However, he curves his expression for the sake of his masculine husband, Roy. This often leads him to feel insecure and unsupported, a feeling that he expresses during their fight. Gideon adores fashion and wearing whatever he thinks is beautiful, which ranges from lavish gowns to a synched corset. He doesn't let the constraints of a corset - such as sitting or breathing comfortably, stop him from rocking it with confidence. He is often the nurterer to Max and his friends, giving him baked goods to take to Julien during a crisis or reminding Max to think of others. He is also more emotional and forthcoming with his emotions, not locking them away as others might.

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  • Gideon somewhat follows the mainstream diet plan Keto.
  • Gideon is Jewish.