Gabriela Abrams is a recurring character in the Gossip Girl television adaptation. She is Vanessa Abrams' mother. She is portrayed by Gina Torres.

Television Series

Season One

In The Handmaiden's Tale, Vanessa returns to New York and tells Dan that Gabriela finally allowed her to move to the city to live with her sister, Ruby.

Season Three

Gabriela makes her first appearance in Enough About Eve when Vanessa invites her to attend the Parent's Dinner for NYU freshmen. She is excited to give her toast and finally make Gabriela see why NYU is the perfect school for her. Gabriela mentions to Rufus and Lily that she and Arlo don't believe in private schools, as education shouldn't be for sale. Later, Vanessa mentions to Dan and Olivia that she wishes Rufus and Lily were her parents, and Gabriela overhears. Vanessa tries to apologize and Gabriela warns her to think about the kind of person the city is turning her into.

Gabriela returns in The Treasure of Serena Madre, when she attends Rufus and Lily's Thanksgiving dinner with Vanessa. During the duration of her visit, Vanessa and her argue constantly. Vanessa is mainly hurt that Gabriela cares about other people, strangers, more than her daughter. She cites one time she bought them tickets for a show but her mother chose to spend that time talking to a homeless man. With the help of Dan, the two talk and figure things out. Afterwards, Gabriela tells Dan that she can tell he's in love with Vanessa and she warns him not to reveal his feelings unless he's sure because their friendship won't survive another heartbreak.

Season Four

After the events with Juliet, Jenny, and Serena, Vanessa goes to stay with her parents for awhile.


  • She likes to make strawberry rhubarb jam.
  • She gave Vanessa a prayer rug.
  • Like her husband, she does not believe in private colleges (such as New York University).
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