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Epperly Lawrence was the boss of Dan Humphrey and Blair Waldorf when they began their internships at W Magazine. She is portrayed by Caitlin FitzGerald.

Novel Series[]

Epperly was not a character in the novel series.

Television Series[]

Season Four[]

Epperly is introduced in Damien Darko when Blair and Dan begin internships at W Magazine. Both compete to shine as the best intern, and after learning an author slated to attend the W sponsored party that evening won't attend, make a deal to bring one each. Whichever author Epperly likes better will be the deciding factor of who stays and who resigns. Blair plans to being Lorrie Moore and Dan plans to bring Jeremiah Harris. However before the party, Dan sabotages Blair's author's invitation. At the party, the two engage in a physical fight causing Epperly to fire them both. After realizing Blair worked hard for her position, Dan admits to Epperly that the fight was his fault and gets Blair her job back. Epperly tells Blair that Dan is a good friend and she has a future at the magazine.

In Panic Roommate, Epperly is in over her head with work, including planning a party and writing Blair's performance review. Wanting to help her out, Blair enlists Nate to sleep with Epperly and get her to relax for a minute. While at the party, Epperly meets an ex boyfriend on accident, and decides to quit her job to travel with him. As a thanks to Blair for helping her see what was missing in her life, she talks Stefano, the magazine editor, into giving Blair her job.

In The Kids Stay in the Picture, Epperly is a coordinator of the Modern Royalty book photoshoot. Chuck asks her to help find out if Blair is dating someone new, and she asks Blair to help her out for the day. Blair reveals to her that she had a life changing kiss and Epperly relays the message to Chuck. This is Epperly's last appearance in the show.


  • She was a yoga instructor for one semester in college.
  • She studied at Oxford University.