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Season One[]

# Image Title Airdate
01 GGR 101 Promo7.jpg Just Another Girl on the MTA July 8, 2021
A new school year brings change into the lives of the students of Constance Billard when their teachers decide to ressurect Gossip Girl. Meanwhile Julien's half-sister Zoya arrives at Constance on scholarship.
02 102 Promo5.jpg She's Having a Maybe July 15, 2021
Zoya cautiously explores romance with Obie as Max chases after Rafa. At a black tie affair, Audrey struggles with her alcoholic mother, Kate as Julien vows to get rid of Zoya.
03 103 Promo11.jpg Lies Wide Shut July 22, 2021
The teachers are pushed as the school tries to smoke out Gossip Girl. Max pushes Julien to explore other opportunities which reveal surprising secrets. Zoya turns to a surprising ally.
04 104 Promo13.jpg Fire Walks With Z July 29, 2021
Zoya attempts to avoid her birthday despite Luna and Monet's schemes. Nick and Davis put down their differences as Nick is off on a bender. Audrey levels with Aki and Kate is given a writing opportunity.
05 105 Promo3.jpg Hope Sinks August 5, 2021
Zoya and Julien team up for a Halloween costume contest. Kate questions her future after a nearby school shooting. Aki intervenes in Max's relationship with Rafa as Audrey panics over her own life. Zoya makes a new friend, worrying Obie.
06 106 Promo12.jpeg Parentsite August 12, 2021
Zoya questions her relationship with Obie when his mother visits. Julien goes on a self dicovery quest. Kate's lives collide as Aki and Max come together to support Audrey after her mother's hospitalization.
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