Elise Wells was a recurring character in the Gossip Girl book series as well as the first season of the television adaptation. She was portrayed by Emma Demar in the television show.

Novel Series

Elise is described as tall with strawberry blonde hair, and as a little soft around the middle. She is best friends with Jenny Humphrey, and the two often engage in adventures together. At one point, she falls in love with Dan Humphrey but gets over him when he rejects her advances. Her father Owen Wells is a Yale interviewer whom Blair Waldorf has a short infatuation with. However, she ends their relationship when she finds out Elise is his daughter. Elise has also experimented with being bisexual, and holds a small attraction to Jenny.

Television Series

Elise is introduced in A Thin Line Between Chuck and Nate, and is seen to have a closer friendship with Jenny rather than the other girls in Blair's group; Penelope, Isabel, Hazel, Nelly. As a freshman who is new to the group, she is often tasked with different chores and is treated more as a servant the way Jenny was. In All About My Brother, she, along with the other girls in the group, abandon Jenny after she lies about sleeping with Asher Hornsby.

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