Eliot Garfield is a recurring character in seasons three and four of the Gossip Girl television adaptation. He is portrayed by Luke Kleintank.

Television Series

Season Three

Eliot makes his first appearance in Inglourious Bassterds during Nate Archibald's Assassin themed birthday party. He accidentally collides with Eric van der Woodsen in the lobby of Blair Waldorf's building. They're instantly attracted to each other and Eliot picks up Eric's polaroid picture, which he dropped in their collision. In an attempt to find him, Eliot tries every apartment in the building until he eventually finds Eric in Blair's penthouse. They introduce themselves officially and exchange numbers. Afterwards, they text often but Eric is unsure if Eliot is being flirty or friendly. He's surprised when he runs into Eliot at Dorota and Vanya's wedding, but is disappointed when Eliot brings his girlfriend, Chelsea as his date. During the reception, he confesses to Eric that Chelsea left because he couldn't stop talking about him and he has a crush on him. Afterwards, the two dance (The Unblairable Lightness of Being).

In It's a Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad World, William van der Woodsen tries to make things better for his relationship with Eric by calling Eliot and arranging for the two to have a special date.

Season Four

In The Witches of Bushwick, Eliot and Eric try to help Serena choose between Nate and Dan Humphrey. This is Eliot's last appearance in the show.

In Damien Darko, Eric's ex, Jonathan Whitney, mentions to Lily that Eliot broke up with Eric before the holidays. This is surprising to her, as she was under the impression that the two were still dating and that Eric slept at his house the night before. However, it's revealed that Eric is actually hanging out with Damien Dalgaard.


  • He lives in Blair Waldorf's building.
  • He watches The Vampire Diaries.
  • He speaks three languages.
  • He subscribes to People magazine.
  • He is bisexual.
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