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I couldn't be more sorry. I never want to lie to you again. I think that we can both agree to be better. That we can live our lives more honestly. Both with ourselves and with each other.
Nick to Julien

Davis Calloway is a recurring character in the Gossip Girl revival. He is portrayed by Luke Kirby.

Davis is the absentee father of Julien Calloway, who holds a grudge against Nick Lott for his affair with Davis's wife that resulted in the birth of their daughter.


Davis married Marion and they had a daughter, Julien. Davis was wealthy due to his exceptional career as a record producer for musical artists. Marion, however, was unhappy with her life and had an affair with Nick Lott. She left her husband and daughter to be with Nick, and had a child with him named Zoya. Marion died before she had the chance to raise either of her girls. Davis was left a single father and kept Julien in New York, though he was distant due to the travel his job demanded. However, he forbade Julien from forming a relationship with her half-sister and refused to speak to Nick due to their complicated past.

He has been dating Lola Morgan, in secret, for a year. He would occasionally lie to Julien about traveling abroad for work when in reality he is staying with his girlfriend in a secret apartment.

Television Series[]

Season One[]

In "Just Another Girl on the MTA", Davis arrives at Julien's room to say goodbye as he has to fly to LA for a recording session. He wishes her a good first day of school.

In "She's Having a Maybe",

In "Lies Wide Shut",


Relationships (TV Series)[]



  • Marion † (Ex-Wife)
  • Lola Morgan (Fiancée; secretly)
  • Riley Love (One-Night-Stand; non-consensual)

Memorable Quotes[]

Hobbies & Skills[]


  • Davis’ Instagram account is run by his publicist.
  • According to Rima, Davis has won more Grammys than Diplo and Calvin Harris combined. At the time of her statement, Diplo had five Grammy's and Calvin Harris had one.