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Audrey Hope is a main character in the Gossip Girl revival. She is portrayed by Emily Alyn Lind.

Audrey is the daughter of luxury athleisure fashion designer, the long-suffering Katherine Hope. A beacon of classical taste, her perfect manners and French tips serve as a middle finger against her mom’s lululemon aesthetic. Audrey is a perfectionist, which is trouble, because we all know there is no such thing as perfect.[1]

Audrey lives in her mother’s Upper East Side pied-à-terre. She is the perfect friend and a loving daughter, who's always looking for more.


Audrey is the only child of fashion mogul Katherine "Kiki" Hope and her husband, Richard. She was born and raised in Upper East Side, New York and was surrounded by a sense of high fashion with a great respect for the fashion icons that came before. Audrey became friends with Julien Calloway, Luna La, Monet de Haan, Max Wolfe, Aki Menzies, and Obie Bergmann IV, when they were all babies. Their relationships grew and evolved, with Audrey eventually starting a monogamous relationship with Aki in their high school years. In her home life, Audrey's family began to fall apart when her father was outed as having an affair with Kiki's assistant and best friend. Kiki began to spiral and became even more absent from her daughters life than she was before.

Television Series[]

Season One[]

In "Just Another Girl on the MTA", Audrey and her boyfriend Aki Menzies having an early morning rendezvous, but she has trouble finishing. She apologizes but his response prompts her to say that he never used to mind when it took her longer before. He comments that they spent all of quarantine together. They head to Constance Billard St. Jude's school together where they reunite with their best friends, Julien Calloway, Monet de Haan, Luna La, the flirtatious Max Wolfe, and Julien's boyfriend Obie Bergmann IV. Audrey embraces Julien happily before taking a seat at the table. The seven friends excitedly catch up - Aki compliments Max, Max makes a flirtatious move at Audrey while Obie watches, and Monet encourages a distracted Julien to pose. Audrey tells them Julien is looking for her sister. The latter tries to deny it, but Audrey insists it's a big deal that shouldn't be pretended otherwise. She proceeds to state how Julien's half-sister moved here and enrolled like a stalker, and how they were close to not knowing the girl existed. Julien watches her sister, Zoya Lott, arrive from a distance and compliments her shoes much to her friends chagrin.

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On the MET steps later that day, Audrey lounges with her friends whilst reading a novel. She witnesses Julien compliment Zoya Lott's shoes and invite her to take a photo, though Audrey visibly disagrees. She makes verbal disagreements but doesn't chime in on the exchange. Instead, she agrees that Zoya can join them at Dumbo Hall that evening. It isn't until after school that Audrey and Aki are tagged in the first Gossip Girl blast, but she doesn't think much of it. She joins her friends at the club and proceeds to lecture Julien on being too open and trusting when it comes to Zoya. She reminds Julien that Zoya moved to New York, enrolled in her school, befriended her friends, and points out that Zoya is now getting off the elevator with Obie; Julien's boyfriend. Julien dismisses the worries and greets the newcomers. Audrey leaves to get drinks but when she returns, Zoya is moving to sit next to Aki. Audrey intercepts and coolly tells Zoya her dress is a nice hand-me-down, which triggers a verbal response from Aki. Audrey shrugs it off as being a fact; she's speaking factually. As the discussion unfolds, Julien wants to add Zoya to the group chat which bothers Audrey. Audrey leaves the group to find Aki, who had disappeared.

She finds Max making out with two people and he reprimands her for being married and monogamous at sixteen, but she refuses to be insulted. She asks if out of all the people in the room she's really the one he wants to spend his energy one. He redirects that things are different between Aki in the best way, though she is visibly unnerved. He seductively offers her the ecstasy pill on his tongue, as it wasn't in his plans for the night. She merely bites her lip and shakes her head. She leaves only to find Aki, though she drags him away into a closet where she pushes him down to the floor. She looks over at Max who is across the hall with others. Aki looks up momentarily to see that she's looking at Max, but he returns to his activity. As she finishes, they get a second blast from Gossip Girl. This time, the post outs that Julien bought Zoya's scholarship into Constance. The pair return to the group to confront Julien, and they are shocked to learn that the sisters knew each other yet Julien didn't tell her friends, instead, she lied. Audrey protests that they don't lie to one another, and that they aren't Julien's father; they wouldn't have reacted in a dastardly way as Julien predicts her father would have.

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Two days later, Audrey prepares for the fashion show that evening which Julien will walk in. She and Aki get ready at Max's house, where she vents over Julien having lied. Aki tries to offer advice but she isn't interested in receiving it. She asks Max where his fathers concealer is and he directs her to the other room. When she returns, she witnesses both Max and Aki undressing in front of one another and watches whilst biting her lip. She is in attendance at the fashion show and sits between Aki and Max in the stands. She is surprised when Monet and Luna pull a con on Zoya, but doesn't intervene either. The next day at school, Audrey is back in her usual spot with Aki on the balcony overlooking the entrance of the school.

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In "She's Having a Maybe", Audrey and his friends attend a party at Dumbo since their parents are supposed to be attending PTA meetings. She descends the stairs and is intercepted by Max Wolfe, who notes that he's bored. He adds that she's the only one in the room that he doesn't know intimately. She calls him uninspired so he asks her to inspire him, but she refuses. She tells him to close his eyes and pretend its someone else, noting that she does it all the time. He counters that he doesn't have to imagine anything as he allows himself to have everything. Aki arrives and stands by Audrey, so Max offers the same to him, but Aki refuses the offer. Max ultimately scurries off in pursuit of an attractive teacher, leaving Audrey and Aki alone. She gets an email from the school directed to her mother, though Audrey is cc'ed on it. The email informs Kiki that she missed the parent teacher meetings but they can reschedule if she needs too. Audrey is exasperated with her mothers flighty behavior and inability to show up for her. Aki urges her to take it easy on Kiki, who is going through a divorce, but Audrey refuses to listen as she doesn't want a therapy session. She leaves his side to join the other girls, Julien, Monet, and Luna.

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She snaps a photo of the group before she pulls Julien away to vent over her mothers absence. Julien confides in Audrey that she's upset that her followers are leaving now that her relationship with Obie is over, as she had presumed they were following for her and not just Obie. Audrey retorts that is Julien's problem - she thinks everyone lives for her. Audrey apologizes as she's triggered by her mothers absence and Aki's inability to just listen without offering a logical comeback. Julien assures Audrey that she can vent openly to her, that just because Julien doesn't have a mother, doesn't mean she isn't there for Audrey. The group gathers together at the couches, with Julien still wanting Obie back. However, a Gossip Girl blast that night changes everything - Zoya and Obie were spotted together outside her building. Aki tries to remind everyone that two people can hang out, even though Audrey, Luna, and Monet sharply shut the idea down. Audrey and Monet want Julien to crush her like the Queen she is, but Julien insists they don't do hierarchies.

The next morning, Audrey awakens her mother to give her a cup of coffee and remind her about the fundraising gala that night. She wants her mom to wear a specific dress, though Kiki isn't pleased with the idea. She also doesn't want to attend as she already made dinner plans for work and donated which is what really matters. Audrey pleads with her mother to go as it's important to her, citing her role as social chair. Kiki asks if Audrey's father will be there, lamenting her hatred for the woman he had an affair with, especially since she was Kiki's assistant. Audrey assures her that Mr. Hope won't be there. Kiki makes no promises either way and goes back to sleep.

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Audrey and Aki walk the halls of Constance together as she admits that Aki was right about her mom being worried if her dad would be at the fundraiser or not. She uninvited her dad so that Kiki could come. She witnesses a conversation between Zoya and Obie, angrily telling Julien they can cut Obie out of the friend circle if she wants. Aki protests but she shuts him down. Julien doesn't want that, even though Audrey thinks it's for the best. Audrey's nerves are at an all-time high at the fundraiser and she condemns Aki for sweating so much after his trip to the bathhouse with Max. She breezes around in search of Kiki, who is late, but finds her by the elevators. Audrey instantly knows she's already been drinking which isn't a good idea due to the medications Kiki is on. Kiki dismisses her daughters worries, though they prove to be valid as the night progress and Kiki becomes increasingly sloppier with her drinking.

Kiki causes a scene in the middle of the gala and doesn't want to leave despite Audrey and Aki's insistences. She yells at Aki for calling her "Ms. Hope" instead of "Mrs. Hope", becoming emotional as she shouts that she is still Mrs. Hope to him. She cuts her hand on a piece of glass and lands in the lap of a doctor, though Audrey and Aki manage to get her out of the gala before anything else happens. They load her into a car as Audrey begins to vent to Aki over the events. He still thinks there has to be something deeper going on with her, but Audrey protests that she isn't looking for a therapist right now but a boyfriend. He continues to psychoanalyze the situation leading them to an emotional fight on the sidewalk, as she doesn't feel as though he's her partner but also doesn't want to change him. She leaves with her mother.

The next morning, Audrey visits her mother and is hurt over her behavior at the fundraiser. Kiki admits that things are bad at her company; they went overseas to close the factories. She is also filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Audrey emotionally supports her mother and understands her heartbreak over the losses, but promises they'll be okay. Now understanding her mother more, Audrey retreats to her room where finds Max Wolfe still getting dress from their excursion the previous night. He couldn't find his tie but is ready to leave now. She asks him not to tell anyone about what happened, to which he merely smiles. Audrey goes to school when Aki surprises her with apology flowers for their fight last night. She accepts and they kiss. They watch as Zoya and Obie walks to class together.

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In "Lies Wide Shut", Audrey pulls Julien into the girls bathroom and makes her swear not to tell anyone the secret she's about to confess; she slept with Max. Julien is surprised as they've known each for years yet haven't acted on any feelings, wondering what's changed. She doesn't know but loves Aki. The rendezvous with Max had nothing to do with Aki, and until she can come up with a better reason to tell Aki, neither girls thinks Aki should know. The girls leave the bathroom with Audrey awkwardly waving across the hall to Aki, who waves back. Julien comments on the awkwardness but Audrey coolly tells her to stay quiet as Gossip Girl's spies are everywhere. They meet Luna and Monet in the courtyard, where they witness a kiss between Zoya and Obie. Max offers to take Julien on a "Manhattan Maxploration", smoothly saying that Audrey can attest to his abilities to break down boundaries, so Audrey admits that it's a good idea. She wants Julien to do it for herself and doesn't think she should document it. Luna and Monet fiercely protest the anti-documentation route.

Audrey and Aki have sex after school but she doesn't want to make eye contact with him. Instead, she kisses him and trails downward where she tries something new which makes Aki jump. He remarks that she overshot by a lot and needs a minute to recover. She thinks it was good to experiment. As the night ends, they kiss goodnight before they each get a Gossip Girl blast teasing that "One of Constance's most constant couples" had an affair. Neither of them admits they are reading the blast. She confronts Max about leaking their affair to Gossip Girl, but he is hungover and too tired to go along with the contrived notions. He states that if she were so worried about it getting out then she shouldn't have done it. Audrey attends the Jeremy O'Harris play that evening and hides out on the balcony to keep an eye out for Max. Julien joins her as she is also looking for someone. Once in the theater, Audrey sits a sit apart from Aki, and the middle seat is filled by Max - much to Audrey's annoyance. She notices the boys talking but they lie that it's nothing. As the play begins, Max sets a hand on Audrey's knee but she brushes it away.

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After the play, Aki and Audrey express concern over Max's irrational behavior; he's doing more drugs then normal and mixing it with high quantities of alcohol. They advise Max to call it a night. Max, however, is so high that he outs Aki for chatting with guys on Scruff, then begins to ramble and rant about how everyone fucked up. Max outs his affairs with Audrey and Aki, as Audrey slept with him while Aki wanted too. He wants everyone to tell the truth and goes first, as the only truth-teller here. He blurts out that the couple don't "do it for each other" anymore, so instead, they do him. But they can't have him, no one can, because he's already gone. The next day, Aki and Audrey awkwardly meet in the halls of Constance, with Aki asking if she liked the affair. She reluctantly admits that she did but assures him that she doesn't want to do it again. Aki agrees, and the pair apologize to each other before kissing, their relationship repaired for the time being.

In "Fire Walks With Z", Audrey walks to school with Julien and admits her conflicting feelings over Aki having kissed another guy. She knows what she did was wrong but it was with a guy which is normal, while what Aki did isn't normal. She doesn't understand why Aki wouldn't tell her if he's gay or bi. Julien retorts that it could be because Audrey uses words like "normal", advising her friend to just ask Aki. He's probably just as nervous to talk about his sexuality. She also tells Audrey to avoid Max until she can figure things out. The girls are surprised to see food trucks lining the streets for Zoya's birthday, courtesy of Obie. Once inside, Audrey bumps into Aki while she's attempting to reach Max for the umpteenth time that day. Aki asks who she's calling so she copies his lie that she's talking to her mom, brushing him off as she hurries away.

In Hope Sinks, Audrey heads home where she finds her mother cooking, something that surprises her, before she learns that she might have to move to Cornwall. As she didn't like that idea, she asks Zoya about how she had gotten her father into moving to the city.

In "Parentsite",

Appearance and Style[]

Audrey Hope has blonde wavy hair and a heart-shaped face with big brown eyes. She's into the finer things in life and loves the classics, such as Audrey Hepburn, Bette Davis, and Lauren Bacall. She has a simpler yet classier style than those around her. She is often seen wearing vintage clothing. Audrey likes old-world fashion and is very contemporary in what she wears and how she presents herself. We see her wearing a Balmain sweater for her school uniform in the first episode.


Audrey Hope is described as the perfect friend and a loving daughter with a troubled home life. She has poise and competence, and is rarely fazed by the tedium of life and drama. She emanates grace and elegance. She is reticent, but calculating. Audrey knows how to pick her battles and friends. Although her icy exterior may sometimes convey otherwise, she enjoys exploring new things and finding unconventional pleasures. Unlike her friends, she doesn't use social media as much, but enjoys reading books instead. Winning is not a part of her vocabulary. She knows who she is. When she gets dressed in the morning, it's for herself - not for the world.

Despite her nonchalant nature, Audrey experiences an inner turmoil when her relationship with Aki begins to bore her and inadvertently looks for new paths to find new spices and excitement, while on the same hand her relationship with her mother Kiki is strained with her mother's depressive state and later accidental overdose. She feels guilty for finding pleasure with Max, and even more so for enjoying it. She's upset and frustrated by her mother's lack of effort to support her daughter and inability to move forward from the divorce, feeling neglected and helpless with her mother's struggles with depression. However, after feeling the same neglect and loneliness, Audrey understands her mother on a deeper level and is terrified when Kiki almost loses her life. Her perfectionist nature keeps her at the hospital, desperately attempting to control the environment to alleviate her mother's fight for her life.

Due to her relief and newfound appreciation at life, Audrey makes the brave step to make amends with not just her mother, but takes a step in the wild side with Aki and Max.

Relationships (TV Series)[]



Memorable Quotes[]

  • ”Nice hand-me-down.”
  • ”Don't straight-shame me.”
  • ”It gets worse. Jameela Jamil just defended you. ”
  • ”I don't think, because I don't care. ”

Hobbies & Skills[]

  • Reading: Audrey is a skilled reader and enjoys books during non-social situations. She is usually seen perched on the MET steps reading a novel.


  • Emily Lind was the first person to be cast in the series.
  • According to executive producers, Audrey is the closest in spirit to Blair Waldorf.
  • She loves Chanel, old glamour, and dinner parties.
  • Audrey's favorite season is Winter as she loves strolling through snowy Central Park.
  • Her favorite dish is Miso-Glazed Salmon with Sushi Rice.


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