The Archibald townhouse, also called Archibald Manor and located just off of Fifth Avenue, is the stately residence of Nate Archibald and his parents, Howard and Anne Archibald. Located in Manhattan's affluent Upper East Side neighborhood, the historic home is one of the grandest in the city and stands five stories tall. The house was purchased by William van der Bilt for his daughter, Anne, and her family to live in.

Residents and Ownership


Current resident(s)

Former resident(s)


Season One

Nate, Anne, and Howard reside in the townhouse together until Howard is arrested. After his release, the family continues to live together until Howard flees the country to Dominica to avoid his trial for fraud and embezzlement. It's also revealed that Anne's father, William van der Bilt, bought the house for them.

Season Two

As a result of Howard's fleeing the country, the FBI assumes he is guilty and begins to create an inventory of everything the Archibald's own in their home (Never Been Marcused). After they finish, Nate resides in the empty house alone without electricity, as Anne has chosen to stay in the Hamptons instead. In The Magnificent Archibalds, Howard turns himself in after Nate asks him to and the Archibald home is returned to the family; as well as all their belongings.

Season Three

Nate begins college at Columbia University and moves into the dorms, leaving Anne the sole resident of the Archibald townhouse.

Season Four

Howard becomes up for parole but Anne refuses to let him name their house as where he'll be reporting while on parole. She also decides to divorce him and asks for the house.

Season Five

In Beauty and the Feast Nate returns to his home to visit Anne, who still lives in the house.


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