Amanda Lasher is a minor character that appeared exclusively in the Gossip Girl television adaptation's season two episode The Ex-Files.

Television Series[edit | edit source]

In The Ex-Files, Dan Humphrey meets Amanda on the first day of school while fresh off a break up with Serena van der Woodsen. They talk and learn they have a lot in common, but this upsets Serena; seeing Dan flirt with a new girl right after they broke up. Not wanting to see her hurt, Blair Waldorf enlists her minions to make Amanda's time at Constance hard.[edit | edit source]

They attempt to befriend Amanda to deter her from dating Dan, but this ultimately doesn't work. Serena asks Blair to stop with the mean behavior, and she does so at her request. In an attempt to be friends with Dan, Serena offers to hang with her and Amanda. They go to a bar, and Serena quickly finds a guy to bring to the table to annoy Dan. This doesn't work, and Serena and Dan fight over moving on. However, Penelope Shafai and Isabel Coates witness everything and serve Amanda a Nairtini to make her hair fall out. The next day, Amanda meets with Chuck and it's revealed he hired her to pretend to like Dan to make Serena fight to take her position on top as queen; effectively dethroning Blair. After he pays her, she heads off the boarding school in Vermont.[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Amanda was named after one of the show's producers.[edit | edit source]

Her address is 1210 East 71st Street.[edit | edit source]

She was in the Literary Club and Honor Society and earned a 3.5 GPA.[edit | edit source]

She won the 2007 Short Fiction Award.[edit | edit source]

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